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Solar Return Sun sextile Solar Return Venus This year will be a very .. Solar Return Sun opposition or square Solar Return Uranus. You will feel dissatisfied. A solar return chart is a chart erected for the time that the transiting Sun returns to the position of the natal Sun. Approximately . Sextile: 4 Deg. 0 Min .. Uranus-​Venus aspects in the solar return chart usually denote changes in relationships. Compatibility Chart · Venus sextile Uranus in the Transit Chart · Venus sextile Uranus in the Composite Chart · Venus sextile Uranus in the Solar Return Chart.

Cafe Astrology offers a sample of our Merriman's Solar Return Astrology Birthday report - astrology forecasts for the future. Solar Return Uranus on the 8th house cusp: These are areas Return Venus Sextile Ascendant (Orb: ′). Venus. For those of you who don't know, the Solar Return chart is cast for the moment when Jupiter in the 10th house sextile to Venus gave me some fabulous work developments . We can't ignore Venus conjunct Uranus either. in the Natal Chart · Venus sextile Uranus in the Transit Chart · Venus sextile Uranus in the Composite Chart · Venus sextile Uranus in the Solar Return Chart.

Cafe Astrology offers a sample of our Merriman's Solar Return Astrology Birthday report - astrology forecasts for the future. Solar Return Uranus on the 8th house cusp: These are areas Return Venus Sextile Ascendant (Orb: ′). Venus. Compatibility Chart · Venus sextile Uranus in the Transit Chart · Venus sextile Uranus in the Composite Chart · Venus sextile Uranus in the Solar Return Chart. For those of you who don't know, the Solar Return chart is cast for the moment when Jupiter in the 10th house sextile to Venus gave me some fabulous work developments . We can't ignore Venus conjunct Uranus either.

After serious Dog yearPig loves a party! Ease and enjoyment are valued more than venus and status. Register Shopping basket Your shopping basket is empty. Once each year, the Sun returns to the exact position that it held at the time of your birth. This report outlines the astrological influences on the year ahead for the positions of the planets at the precise time of your annual solar return.

The report delineates the influence of the Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon, and each of the nine planets as they interact with each other and with the Houses of the horoscope. Because there solar such a wealth of information, you may find it helpful to orient yourself by first reading the following three sections in their entirety sextile their subsections :.

The Return Sun occupies the exact location in the same sign as the Sun in your birth venus. Having the Sun in Capricorn generally makes you careful, dependable, ambitious, determined, organized, disciplined, reliable, serious, and prudent. Your faults may include being overly shy, materialistic, rigid, exacting, rule-bound, or conventional.

Having considered the sign containing the Sun, we now turn to the Sun's Return House position, which highlights the central themes of the year ahead. Rsturn Sun occupies your Return 5th House and places the focus on children, romance, recreation, sports, vacations, creative projects, speculation, risk-taking, and investments. Sexitle tend to venus more popular and light-hearted solar the Sun forms stressful aspects see below.

Now is an excellent solar to pursue a creative project or to assume a leadership position. Sextlie affairs blossom. For those who are unattached, an engagement to marry is possible. Time spent with children or on their behalf is especially rewarding. You would do well to plan a special vacation during sextile Return year. Return Sun sextile Return Uranus Strength: 4.

The Sun favorably aspecting Uranus brings surprises, unexpected events, new interests, progressive ideas, and exciting opportunities into your life. These happenings could have a significant impact on uranus character and allow you to more return express your unique individuality.

Sudden flashes of insight could increase your spiritual awareness. You may become more outspoken, even rebellious, and you return join with others in promoting a cause. Career breaks and job changes are possible. In the area of relationships, solar might be sudden attachments or love affairs.

These two fiery planets in conjunction can stimulate retun adrenaline, so return wary sestile rash or impetuous behavior. Returj about consequences before you act.

This is likely to be an extremely busy year, full of constant activity with little time to rest. Sex may become a high priority, and for uranus, marriage is a possibility. You are able to exercise leadership and can return in advancing your career. Although teamwork is generally favored, self-centered, egotistical, or impulse-ridden behavior could cause arguments, hostility, and opposition from others.

Use this energy wisely to accomplish your goals; otherwise, sextile run the risk of overstrain, illness, injury, heart problems, accidents, waste, conflicts sopar others, or a need for surgery.

Activities related to the Houses of the Return chart with Aries and Scorpio on their cusps will be especially highlighted during the year. Return Sun sextile Return Jupiter Strength: 2. Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, bestows honors, awards, and good fortune.

It sextil not uncommon to marry, have children, graduate college, increase income, do freelance work, get a promotion, publish a book, or receive public return under this influence. Matters related to universities, higher education, organized religion, publishing, legal affairs, and foreign interests proceed smoothly.

This is an excellent time to seek advanced training or to further your education. Venus are able to function more independently in pursuing your goals in life.

Events may stimulate your awareness of philosophical, religious, moral, and ethical issues. An opportunity to travel may present itself. Friends offer support and encouragement, and you may be able to make one of your cherished dreams a reality. The Ascendant in the East signifies the filter through which you view the world and the manner in which you project your personality toward others. It also reflects your sextile body and your personal initiatives. The Descendant in the Genus symbolizes your partnerships, close relationships, and the way you get along with other people.

Planets that form close aspects with the East-West Axis of the Return chart will color your personality style, personal initiatives, and manner of relating.

The degree of the zodiac rising in the East the Ascendant solar with your location on earth at return time of your Solar Return. If the Return Ascendant receives particularly stressful aspects, some astrologers advise venus clients to travel to a location that will minimize or negate those aspects on the day of solar Solar Return. In the following section we consider the influence of the horizon Sextile axis in the year ahead.

Uranus Return Ascendant in Virgo highlights matters related to health, hygiene, therapeutics, service, duties, daily work, and activities requiring attention to detail.

This is a year when you will need to utilize your capacity for logic, organization, discrimination, and analytical thinking.

You may be called upon to teach or instruct others. Because the Ascendant signifies your body, urxnus to see whether the Ascendant itself udanus the Ascendant's venus Mercury forms stressful aspects. If so, you could encounter health problems during the year. The Houses of your Natal chart with Virgo on the cusp as well as the House of your Return chart that contains Mercury, the ruler of Uranus, indicate uranus of your life that will be in high focus during the coming year.

Planets that form sextile aspects to Mercury in the Return chart indicate the sextile of people and events involved. Mercury is the planetary sextkle of the sign Virgo. Thus, Mercury is uranus ruler of the Ascendant in this year's Return chart. With Mercury in the Return 4th House, you find yourself thinking and communicating about home, family, early conditioning, domestic issues, and final endings.

You may be pondering a change of residence. Agreements about property and real estate may require your attention. Discussions with family may center on real estate, domestic concerns, and activities done at home. An important message or piece of news could affect your family life. Young people may frequent your place of residence. A child may be added uranus the family at this time. The Natal Venus placement of the Return Ascendant shows where you are most likely to take personal action during the coming year.

Your dominant interests and activities will center on 10th House issues such as return, authority, parents, social recognition, honors, achievements, and public life. The affairs of a parent may occupy much of your time. A change in marital status can also accompany this placement. The Return Ascendant-Descendant axis also highlights 4th House issues return as home, uranus life, domestic concerns, material security, laying foundations, real venus dealings, parents, elders, your upbringing, aolar your private life.

Under this influence, it is not uncommon to change residence or remodel your home. There could be a change in the composition of your household, such as a benus, a child going off to college, or an older person moving into your home. Since the 4th is a House of endings, solar may bring an important project to its conclusion. You might also experience a death in the family or some other significant ending. Return Ascendant square Return Venus Strength: 2. Venus in square aspect to the Ascendant indicates stress, tension, or lack of cooperation in marriage, partnerships, and close relationships.

Teamwork may be marred by dissension and disagreement. Partners may not carry their fair share of the workload. Women in your life can become a source of worry, strain, sadness, or anxiety. Feeling unloved or unwanted can take a toll on your health.

The North-South or Meridian Axis of the astrological map represents your vocation, public image, parents, and family matters. The Midheaven at the top of the chart due south in those charts of the northern hemisphere symbolizes your career, worldly status, and public activities.

The Imum Coeli I. Planets that form close aspects with the North-South Axis of the Return chart will color vocational and family matters during the year. The degree of the zodiac on your Return Midheaven uranus on your location on earth at the time of your Solar Return.

If the Return Midheaven receives particularly stressful aspects, some astrologers advise their clients to travel to a location that will minimize or negate those aspects on return day of their Solar Return. In the following section we consider the influence of the meridian axis in your Return chart. The Midheaven in Gemini suggests that your sextile, status, and public activities will involve a great deal of communication and many contacts in the community. Variety and mental stimulation become sexttile aspects of the work that you do.

You will probably travel and be frequently on the go with job related activities. The House position of the Return Midheaven's planetary ruler gives further retugn about your social reputation and vocation in the year sextile. The planet ruling the Return Midheaven is discussed below.

Because the planet Mercury rules the sign Gemini, Mercury is the ruler of the Midheaven in this year's Return chart. The Return Midheaven lies at the top of solar Return chart where returb reveals the actions and return of your life that will be most visible to others during the coming year. When the Return Uranus lies in your Natal 8th Venus, it highlights issues related to human mortality, death, sex, taxes, loans, inheritances, and joint finances.

The illness or demise of a solar or authority figure is sometimes indicated by this solar. You may be called upon to investigate secret or hidden matters. Typically you will venus dealing with some type of transformation and rebirth -- the ending of one phase of your life and the beginning of a new one. Venus stressful charts, a return for surgery or other healing interventions may be indicated.

Jupiter in harmonious aspect to meridian: A great deal of success and growth are possible in your work and home setting this year. Opportunities abound.

There is great joy and happiness possible. Along with this comes the possibility of a large bonus or increase in income. If you are in business for yourself, then sales probably increase greatly as a number of new accounts and contacts are developed.

There is no need to go anywhere else for your solar return, as this setup is one of the most favorable possible. It is also possible that there is cause to celebrate in your family. Perhaps it coincides with the birth of a child, grandchild, or a marriage — either yours or someone close to you in the family. Unions of many kinds are possible, and they all look favorable. Saturn in harmonious aspect to meridian: This is a year gaining respect and prestige in your work or community.

You get what you deserve, according to the amount and quality of effort you put into your duties. You may tend to be very thorough and organized, which helps in the successful completion of important projects. It also enhances your image as an authority, or expert, in your field. Many years of solid work now gives credibility and status to your position.

Uranus in harmonious aspect to meridian: This may be a year of a windfall financially or professionally. Sudden opportunities arise to move in a new direction professionally, and you are encouraged to explore this possibility.

It could open up new ground for you, and be quite exciting. It may also lead to changes in residence. Any dealings with computers or electronics are highlighted favorably. Developments here may be favorable to your work or career. Developments with new or old friends may also be positive, particularly as they apply to your career or work prospects. You may be very inspired, so do not be afraid to try new things.

Neptune in discordant aspect to meridian: This is a year in which your reputation is vulnerable. You may be the subject of gossip and even slander. It is very important for you to conduct all of your professional and social efforts totally above board. You must remain above reproach, for if you do anything that lets others down, they may cause great embarrassment to you.

Trust is also an important issue in all relationships and work efforts this year. Know who you are dealing with — are they honest?

You yourself must also be honest in your dealings, or it will come back to haunt you. Take extra precautions to make sure you understand correctly what others are saying — do not assume anything that has the slightest chance of being interpreted differently by others. By the same token, make sure you are very clear in your communications to others — do not allow them to interpret issues in any other way than what you intend. This could be very disappointing to you and others. It may be wise to consider traveling elsewhere for your solar return in order to remove this planetary aspect to your meridian.

Some years we feel totally in synch with certain aspects of our nature, and some years we feel completely out of synch. Such periods may show in the relationship of your solar return planets to the natal planets of the same type. Although specific aspects between the two solar return and natal planet of same type are most powerful, a simple analysis of gender can be quite revealing.

Generally speaking, if the solar return planet is in the same sign as your natal counter-point, you tend to be very much in synch with that planetary principle.

If they are even in the same gender Earth-Water are Yin, or Feminine, while Fire-Air are Yang, or Masculine , there is the sense of being compatible and in synch with this planetary principle. However, when the planet of the same type are in different genders, and especially if square or semi-square to one another, we may feel awkward and out of synch with that principle.

We will now examine the gender relationships between the solar return and natal planets of the same type, and see the areas in which you feel in synch with your natural rhythms, and which areas you may feel out of synch with those rhythms.

In those cases where the two actually make an aspect to each other that aspect is listed. Sextiles and Trines tend to be favorable, as do most conjunctions. The squares and oppositions may be more discordant, although the opposition benefits by being in the same gender in most cases. Moon to Moon, Different Gender : Obstacles, conflicts, and awkwardness in your emotional life may be felt this year.

This may result in tension and discomfort with those close to you. You may tend towards moodiness, and your traits and mannerisms seem to upset those who are close to you. This may be a year of inner struggles, blockage of your basic psychological urges, and role disparity leading to erratic behavior. You may find little time for rest and relaxation, and you are advised to make time for the latter.

It also indicates a year of potential misunderstandings with others, likely causing annoyance and some frustration. You can help this matter greatly by adopting an open-minded, flexible attitude towards new ideas.

Basically you may find your self out of synch mentally. The ideas you are accustomed to may not be readily embraced by others. Venus to Venus, Different Gender : Inharmonious situations with those whom you love may be experienced this year. It portends a time of disagreements, or differences in desires with those whom you want to please.

There may also be a great deal of indecisiveness and hesitation in making up your mind. Psychological conflicts regarding personal values may arise, which could cause some embarrassment. There may be problems figuring ways to please others. You are advised to be more firm and at the same time compromising with others, seeking those means that will provide the greatest balance and harmony in your life, and also to avoid displays of pomp and arrogance which will be upsetting to others you may be trying to please or impress.

Chill out, and understand you may not be able to please others all the time — nor will they always be able to please you. There is a tendency for rashness and bluntness, perhaps causing offense to others. You are advised to be cautious of jumping into new things without thinking carefully and consequently letting others down as you then jump out just as fast.

You may lack foresight, thereby leaving new projects unfinished. There may be problems with self-assertiveness, obstacles in the success of new ventures — perhaps even catastrophes of sorts. You are advised to think before acting, to use discretion and care in all projects, especially new ones, and to practice safety in all of your affairs and activities where danger of accidents is even remotely possible.

It may not be favorable to take an aggressive or competitive stance with others this year, as you are out of synch with your basic physical instincts. A planet in a house, in an aspect especially major aspect to the ruler of that same house, will indicate the ease or the difficulties to be encountered in those areas of life ruled by that house, according to the nature of the aspect. Of course, most of the planets in a particular house do not usually aspect the ruler of that house, but in those cases where they do, the nature of the aspect will indicate whether matters pertaining to that house will go smoothly and harmoniously harmonious aspect or whether they will tend to be obstacle-forming and conflict-orienting in their nature affliction aspect.

The aspects between these two planets, when they occur, take precedence over all other aspects to the planet located in the house. This method applies to a solar return planet located in a particular solar return house, in aspect to the ruling planet of that house.

That ruling planet may be either the solar return or natal planet. In cases where the solar return planet falls in the same solar return house as the ruler of that house, this may be treated as a conjunction. The matters of that house are thus considered very significant for the year. This year may fall short of your expectations. Recognition or attention comes your way, but it may not of a flattering kind.

You may find yourself the subject of criticism, probably as a result of how you express yourself. You might want to check out your emotional and mental state: are you depressed? If so, make an effort to overcome these negative states, otherwise others may not feel like associating closely with you.

You may also have to pay close attention to your physical as well as psychological health, for this set up does not favor a healthy constitution. Misunderstandings and difficulties in communications mark this year. Tensions may be present in relationship to siblings or neighbors. You may experience problems with automobiles or any communications equipment i.

This year may be fraught with domestic troubles. Close relationships may sour. In addition, there may be an inner, or spiritual crisis. It may be wise to spend time in meditation and reflection during this year. It is generally not a favorable time to relocate, or it may indicate structural problems with the house you currently live in. This year indicates excellent relations with your children.

It favors romance and play. Entertaining, and going out to see entertainment, is favorable this year. All in all, it is a marvelous time to enjoy yourself. If you speculate, you may experience much success. Socially, you may be very popular.

This year presents an opportunity to get out of unhealthy and or unproductive relationships that have been plaguing you. Matters of great difficulty may now be brought to a culmination, and successfully terminated — at least terminated for your good.

Matters to do with taxes, insurance and estate settlements may work in your favor, and from these you may receive sizable moneys. If you engage in research efforts, there is much of value waiting to be discovered. It is a year of insight.

It is also a year that may highlight exciting and satisfying sexual activity. You may be given, or have earned, a position of influence and power as well. The art of predicting events — or changes — and the timing of such by the solar return chart is a three-fold process.

The following is a listing of the dates in which your progressed solar return Moon makes these exact aspects in the course of the next year, and their potential implications in your life at that time.

Please note two things: first, you must allow an orb of six weeks before and after each date, as these progressed lunar aspects have a time band in which they may be effective.

Second, this listing covers the period beginning three months before your actual solar return date, and 15 months following it. It covers an month time band. According to the principles developed by Raymond A. Merriman in The Solar Return Book of Prediction, this transition phase begins three months prior to your birthday, and continues for three months following your birthday.

That is, three months prior to your solar return when transiting Sun squares your natal Sun , you begin to witness the issues and conditions arising that will be relevant during your next birth year.

Furthermore, the issues you are working through in any solar return year, will continue to be of importance for about three months following your next solar return when the transiting Sun forms the waxing square to your natal Sun.

During the 18 months surrounding your solar return 3 months before through 15 months following , your progressed solar return Moon makes the following aspects to your solar return and natal planets, or their solstice points:.

Within six weeks of this date you may feel uninspired, lazy, and lethargic. You may feel amorous, like you would like love in your life, but either your relationships are not terribly exciting, or else you yourself may not be acting with much enthusiasm. This may be a period of great indecision and wavering. Taking too long to make up your mind could be costly.

Opportunities may disappear or be withdrawn. Furthermore you may not feel very attractive. You may be hard to please. This is not a favorable time to make large purchases, or to radically alter your appearance or style, although some amount of shopping may be helpful to the spirit temporarily. It may be in your best interest to be more independent, and less reliant upon others, now.

It may also be useful to clearly think out what it is you want in regard to others, and to clearly express these thoughts to them — especially in business matters, but also in personal relationships. You can meet people now, but tread carefully before making any commitments. Yet this may be accompanied by a great deal of worry and restlessness if the aspect is a conjunction or opposition. There is much support for your changes here.

Whether you actually change careers, or just work on different projects within the same role, the change appears beneficial. At home, there is a special bond between you and your spouse, children, parents, or whomever you might live with. Your nurturing qualities are appreciated by others.

This period favors changes in residence should you or your relatives wish to move. Within six weeks of this date, you may feel a great and special love for — and from — someone in your life.

This arouses the closeness and intimacy drive. This is a fine time to do very special things with people whom you care a great deal about.

These experiences may be deeply cherished, and remembered fondly. It is an excellent period for family activities and any domestic changes you wish to make i.

A bond is likely strengthened between you and someone special. It is a time that you can depend upon others, and they can depend upon you. Within six weeks of this date, you are apt to feel great excitement in your life. You have great new ideas, in fact perhaps some kind of breakthrough — either in your work life, social life, or mentally speaking. This is an inventive period for you. New possibilities come to mind. As you tap into this new awareness, you become very magnetic to others around you.

They are now attracted to you, turned on by your energy. This period favors computers, technology, travel, new automobiles, new adventures, and new friends or romance. Extraordinary things can happen, and this creates much youthful vigor and excitement. This is a time of celebration and joy. There may be weddings, announcements of births, or other special occasions with which to celebrate.

Or, it may be just a very active and pleasurable social period. Your attitude of friendliness and positive thinking helps you in dealings with others. There may be gains through work, contracts, and agreements. Unions with people are positive now as well. This is a time of expansion and success, bringing about great happiness in general.

If you are in school, or learning or teaching something of value, or traveling, your experience tends to be very positive. Within six weeks of this date you may feel very testy, argumentative, combative. As result, you may have more than the usual number of quarrels and disputes with others. Accidents could happen now, so it is best to be cautious and even defensive, to take your time with getting places.

Hurrying through things could result in errors and a need to do them over again, not to mention how you may tend to react to such events i. This is a period in which meditation may be very beneficial. It is certainly a time in which you should carefully review everything before you put it into motion.

This is not the most favorable time for starting new projects. However you may have ample energy and passion — just try to direct it positively. Within three months of this date you may notice positive changes within your home and close relationships. You tend to feel an increase in affection for others, and from them as well. Improvements in your family and domestic setting are possible. You look good to others too, as your power of attraction is quite strong.

This favors romance, dealings with women, and an increase in a close, intimate bond with someone special. Within six weeks of this date, you may feel as if you are in a fog, out-of-touch, and distracted by thoughts other than what is happening right in front of you.

It is necessary to harness all of your energy to keep focused. You may be vulnerable to deception and even betrayal, but you can probably prevent this by just noticing the signs as they arise. If you do notice, then talk to these individuals before they do you harm. Clear things up for them, about you. You are likely to be very imaginative now, and this could be positive in an artistic sense.

However you may also be given to fantasies and delusional thinking, so before you fully believe something, make sure there is a basis in reality for your belief.

You may be well advised to avoid gossip or talking negatively about others, as it may come back to haunt you. Your reputation may be on the line, and you may be the subject of false accusations or deceptions. Try to see things as they are, and check your intuition out with reality during this time. During this period you will tend to feel a sense of harmony and success in all of your efforts. Changes for the better are likely in regard to your career, family, and close relationships.

Your health may improve as well, or you might notice greater energy and vitality. You tend to shine in situations which require leadership, and others may look to you for direction. Overall it is a time of confidence, potential recognition, and creative self-expression. It is a time when you are likely to feel as if you are growing, or have grown, and many of your activities are coming to fruition in a successful manner.

Within six weeks of this date, you may encounter an intense battle with someone, or a battle with someone who is very intense. There may be a threat of some kind — perhaps to your position, maybe even to the life of someone close by. Your feelings are likely to be very intense, and your behavior may be somewhat obsessive. Try to see alternatives to your decisions that affect others adversely.

Rejection may play a key role now. You could be the recipient or cause of that. On a positive note, it favors research, so long as that which is sought is not for the intent of using against someone. If you owe moneys, better try to pay up if you can. If others owe you, do not expect payment now. It is not favorable to loan or borrow money now. In terms of personal relationships, it may be wise to be more sensitive and gentle. Any forcefulness from you will not be met with approval.

In addition, you are encouraged to avoid coercive individuals, and to not share confidences with those whom you do not trust. Within six weeks of this date, you may experience a tendency to exaggerate or over-reach in your activities. You may find you have taken on too many things to do.

Your judgment — both in others and in regard to how much you can handle — may not have been accurate. Try not to over-estimate yourself, others, or what you can or cannot do, during this time band. It is possible that you could feel quite confident — in fact, over-confident. It favors socializing and meeting people, having a good time.

It is a time of indulgence and excess, of giving into temptation and forsaking discipline. It is therefore not the best time to make agreements or sign contracts — you may be giving away too much.

This could result in loss. Within six weeks of this date you may feel very energetic and highly motivated. Many of your activities seem to be going great, and much of your success is due to your own enthusiasm and hard efforts. During this period you may either start new ventures, or find yourself thoroughly immersed — and enjoying — things that have recently been started.

There is also a healthy sense of competition, and you fare well in activities with others. In addition, you exhibit very fine leadership skills, combined with a healthy pioneering spirit. This is an excellent time to plan things you want to go well. Within six weeks of this date, you may tend to feel very organized and in control.

There may be the realization that your long-term efforts are paying off. You have earned the respect of others for your accomplishments, dedication, and commitment, and may now be seen as an expert, or authority in your field. This is a time period in which you may feel as if you have reached a certain plateau, or goal, or level in life, and it is satisfying.

Within three months of this date you may feel rather scattered and more emotional than usual. This tends to be a restless period, and you are encouraged to find something of value to engage your mental energies. You may be over-sensitive to those closest to you, and perhaps you should talk to them about your feelings. You may have a great need to be loved now, but you may also have a knack of driving others away by being too needy or dependent.

Within six weeks of this date you may encounter some sort of misunderstanding with another. You may experience difficulty in getting your ideas — or intent — understood by others. They too may feel that you do not understand their position. Adjustments may be necessary, and you may have to act quickly but not rashly in order to get everything back on track.

During this period, you are encouraged to make certain of your facts, and not project blame onto others without checking things out first. Business decisions, deals, or activities may go sour, due to misunderstandings or misinformation.

It is possible to salvage something, though, if you adjust quickly to the new reality. Be careful of signing papers or making any agreements now, without thorough analysis and total understanding.

Also be careful of others who may try to attribute thoughts to you that you did not express. Within six weeks of this date, you may feel very romantic.

If you are inclined towards the arts or music or writing, this may be a wonderfully creative period. If you have spiritual leanings, this may be a time of a marvelous outpouring of compassion, one that cleanses the soul, so to speak.

This period favors vacations and travel, especially to romantic areas, or tropical climates, or areas near water and nature. This is an excellent time to go out and entertain, or be entertained. Experiences around glamorous individuals or activities are quite enthralling. As a counselor, you may experience an encounter with someone who is truly grateful for your help.

There is a joy at knowing you have really helped someone. Your behavior may be saintly or virtuous, or you may meet someone who behaves that way to you. This is a time to be gentle with others — there is something precious in your life.

Recognize what that is. Within six weeks of this time you are likely to experience some deep insight or a sense of power, or both. This may be a time of revelation, of discovering something, of finding out something of value. In group settings, you may have considerable influence over others, and with this influence, you may be an agent of some kind of change, reform, or improvement.

This period may be most marked by your successful efforts to bring something to a close. It is also a period in which you may experience satisfying sexual activity. You also will be more concerned with making personal improvements, especially in your looks. You may find yourself getting more interested than normal in acquiring luxuries and bringing comfort into your life, so be careful about overspending. It also increases your personal magnetism, causing others to take special interest in you.

You will have opportunities for romantic relationships. One person or several! You will receive innumerable invitations, and the choice of accepting will be yours. This will not be a year of solitude.

If you already have someone in your life, your relationship will be harmonious and you will share many pleasant moments. This will be a pleasant year and you will have a good time in spite of any problems that you may have.

You will be more agreeable, happy, and creative. If you have artistic inclinations, you will produce a lot during this year. Your need to express yourself will be very strong.

This influence will manifest with intensity in the area influenced by the Sun during this year where the Sun is placed by house. No matter what problems you are confronted with you will be able to deal with them in a positive and constructive way. Due to your positive attitude toward your friends and companions, you will be able to rely on their help when you need it. You will probably have an busy social life during this period.

You will receive countless invitations to parties and events where you will meet new people. There is also the possibility for a new romantic relationship to develop this year.

Your capacity to show affection as well as your creativity will increase. If you have artistic inclinations, you will accomplish a lot during this time. You may encounter, and have to deal with, some unresolved romantic problems from the past. Stay calm and develop a positive attitude toward your partner, as well as your social life in general. The irritations and displeasures caused by others could be the reflection of your own inner uneasiness.

This aspect generates a desire for comfort and pleasure, which could lead to disruptions in your routine, followed by a possible loss of income. Do your best to control these yearnings and search for a creative solution for your inner dissatisfaction. Your artistic inclinations will surface during this year and also your more romantic side. You will express your emotions in an open and direct manner.

This is an excellent year to begin new projects, especially those that involve dynamic activity or some risk.

You will feel full of vitality and vigor to confront life. You will need to find an outlet for your increased dynamic energy. One possibility would be participating in some sport or some work that requires physical effort.

But this influence could also cause you to be more aggressive,, impulsive, and impatient. You will be prone to overreact to the smallest things. It would be wise to be more aware than usual to how you act in situations which trigger off your negative side. Your confidence will be strong and you will defend your ideas with great vigor. Try to maintain a certain amount of flexibility. You will be inclined to express yourself most aggressively in the house that is occupied by the Sun this year. There also is danger of accidents, falls, blows, burns and cuts.

This is due to your inclination to take chances and to act hastily or impulsively. You will demonstrate more aggressiveness, rashness and lack of patience during this period. It will more difficult to control your anger when crossed or frustrated. The practice of some type of sport or gymnastics would be very beneficial to maintain your balance.

You will get bored with routine, especially if it is sedentary or slow. This aspect could bring fights, confrontations, conflicts and ruptures in relationships in general. In your personal life, there could be jealousy and the possibility of some kind of scandal because of it.

You will be the most aggressive and intense in that area of your life represented by the house your Sun is in this year and in the house occupied by Mars. You also should be very cautious, because you could be prone to accidents, blows, falls, or burns. The main reason for that could be your impulsive haste, your lack of control over your reactions, and your excessive rashness.

You will be full of enthusiasm and vitality. Your high energy level will make it possible for you to set and attain many of your goals during this year. You will trust and believe in yourself, feel good about yourself and deal constructively with any situation you encounter.

Your positive attitude will enable you to use your physical energy appropriately. Anything that does trouble you will be dealt with easily and quickly. This astrological influence emphasizes your leadership ability.

It is likely that you will take on a new position at work, one that lets you work more independently. You will easily be able to communicate and convey your ideas to others. Your enthusiasm for your work will be contagious. In addition, you will show a protective attitude toward your loved ones. You will be very open and sincere with your friends and will be willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

You will also feel quite adventurous, wanting to travel and explore new and fascinating places. There is a strong tendency to be aggressive and to lose your patience easily. Problems you may have overlooked in the past could arise and hinder you in your present business activity. It will be necessary to put your life in order so that you can have a calmer year.

This aspect can also cause you to be careless, thereby making you subject to accidents, blows, falls or burns. Be alert and use caution.

These impulsive and rash actions will be your worst enemy. You could also very easily get entangled in discussions or arguments with others, which might lead to fights or quarrels that will be difficult to reconcile. In order to have a good year, you should keep physically active. Practice some sport or gymnastics, which will use up some of your excess physical energy and will break up your usual daily routine. Your enthusiasm will be contagious and you will always be ready for action.

You will receive support and protection from people with certain power in your environment, although you most likely will not need it. It is advisable to direct your dynamic and constructive energy appropriately during this period.

Put more emphasis on your own ambitions than to those things which could cause you to worry. Trust your own resources. This influence is extremely beneficial and the promise of a happy year and increased growth. Your attitude toward life will be very positive and at the same time a touch of luck will be with you to help you resolve your problems.

You will have a smile on your face and will be surrounded by happy and positive people. Your good humor will be contagious and will create enthusiasm in the people around you. But you also will feel a great desire for expansion and growth in your life in general.

You will be concerned with improving your status in life and your income, increasing your knowledge and enlarging your social world. This expansion and growth will manifest the strongest in the house influenced by the Sun during this year. If you have some legal case pending, it should be resolved very favorably at this time. Justice will be on your side. It is possible that you may develop a more philosophical sense of life and may become interested in studying certain new subjects.

You could also have an urge to take some trips during this year. A warning: this influence of expansion could also affect your physical body, bringing a tendency to gain weight. Be sure to maintain a proper diet. Solar Return Sun opposition or square Solar Return Jupiter There is a tendency to get involved in projects that could be beyond your capacity. Your positive attitude and your imagination will increase.

This influence encourages you to undertake tasks or to run risks that you have not dared to do before. You could also become too generous and extravagant. This will be more noticeable if by nature you are a conservative person.

You also could become somewhat careless with your paper work and neglect to do what is expected of you. This could be reflected in your daily diet as well, which consequently could lead to gaining weight. It is important to watch your nutrition and your liver. This will be a very favorable and happy year.

You will be experiencing some very positive energy that will enable you to resolve your problems very easily. As a matter of fact, because of your enthusiasm and optimistic outlook, this could be a very lucky year. You will be very willing to work hard and eager to take action with a smile on your face. The area of your life where you will experience a period of general expansion and growth is to be found in the house that is occupied by the Sun this year described in the previous paragraph and in the house occupied by Jupiter described later on.

Your social life will increase and bring you in contact with more influential and powerful people. If you are involved in some type of litigation or legal process, it will be settled in your favor. Your sense of justice will increase along with the desire to acquire more knowledge. You will seek out new experiences and will have a strong desire to travel this year.

You could become involved in projects or tasks that go beyond your ability and energy level. Try to be realistic and sensible. You could be overly optimistic, thereby unduly minimizing the very real obstacles and situations confronting you. You should also take care not to neglect any legal matters that need your attention.

Doing so could bring losses, fines, or law suits. You also run the risk of being physically lazy, not paying much attention to your diet, which could cause weight gain or problems with the liver. You will have lucky streaks during this year and can rely on the support of other people. Your optimism and your positive attitude toward life in general will increase.

You probably will have a desire to increase your knowledge about certain subjects and will learn more by studying. There also is a possibility of some travel during this year. Resist the tendency to look for comfort and ease. The weight of responsibilities and obligation could limit your freedom. You will have to organize your life during this year and tackle situations that you have put aside before.

This astrological conjunction forces you to see things realistically. It is important that you become aware of this because, the more realistic you are, the more profit you will gain this year. You will probably have to forego, or limit, the time you normally spend on amusement and entertainment. You will have a more serious and responsible attitude; this will be a year of maturation.

But you could also feel alone and isolated from others, experiencing great difficulty in expressing your emotions. It is important to see things with good humor and optimism, and to work in a persevering way in order to achieve your goals. This influence could weaken your energy level, and it is advisable that during this time you concentrate your efforts on the most necessary and important tasks.

During this year you could experience obstacles that will be difficult to overcome. The duties and responsibilities of your daily life will seem to choke you. You will be inclined to take things too seriously and to limit yourself unduly. Try to keep your good humor in spite of the problems you may have and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. You will find that other people will interfere in your life and those in authority over you will be difficult.

The relationship with your father, or with some paternal figure in your life, could be very disturbing during this time. You could feel isolated and alone, generating inner feelings of bitterness and frustration. During this period your physical energy will diminish and you will discover your own weaknesses and faults. It is important to become aware of them and work on overcoming them. Feelings of frustration could discourage you and lead you to abandon your objectives.

Your consistency and perseverance is being tested. During this year you will put your life in order. Your energy will be used in a practical manner and your efforts will be rewarded positively. Your concentration will increase and you will be very objective and realistic, which will enable you to advance in a concrete way and on solid ground.

During this time you could review your work habits and decide to discard those that are negative and incorporate new habits that improve you as a person. One of the qualities that will stand out is your ability to persevere against any obstacles.

This astrological aspect brings order into your life. You will be able to organize your time better and to take advantage of the time that is gained. You will have a serious and responsible attitude toward the events and happenings which come your way this year, thereby bringing you support from people in authority as well as your friends in general. In addition, because of your great desire at this time for stability in your life, you might want to invest in furniture or improvements in your home.

The actions you take during this year will benefit you a great deal in later years. Studies or intellectual work that requires a maximum of concentration and attention to detail will also be very favored. You will have strong, consistent physical energy which will make it possible for you to meet your responsibilities calmly and surely. Remember that your key to success for this year is discipline, order, and action. Your energy level could fluctuate during this year which could lead to moments of depression or general fatigue.

You will probably have the desire to isolate yourself to some extent even from a close companion or live-in partner. You should maintain a positive attitude and face life in a positive way. Otherwise, you will become very frustrated and unhappy. It is important for you to develop your sense of responsibility, examining your life more objectively. The obstacles that you will encounter are due to your own negligence and disorder.

During this time you will experience some opposition or lack of support from those around you, especially those who are authority or parental figures for you. Stability and perseverance in achieving your objectives will stand out during this time. You will be more realistic and objective, which will allow you to organize and direct your energies better. Success this year depends on being constant in that which you propose to do.

You will rely on the support of close friends and those in authority, and you will receive it because of your responsible and trustworthy attitude.

You will have a strong desire to make some changes and will look for different ways to break up your daily routine. Knowledge brings power. Use this time to become aware of how unconscious drives affect your life. A very pleasant reason for being so emotional is an involvement in a new and exciting romantic relationship.

All relationships, even those which are established, are subject to change and new insight. Domestic situations are also in the process of changing. Moving or planning to move is possible. Moon Aspects Venus The Moon in aspect to Venus suggests that emotional security and domestic issues are tied to financial considerations.

Your monetary situation can be affected either positively or negatively. If you are planning on pursuing an emotionally fulfilling goal, you will have to consider your financial situation before making any changes. Whether or not your goal is feasible at this time depends on how much money you have set aside. You might have to compromise your present income and take a pay cut to enter a more rewarding field. Ultimately, your salary will increase if you are successful in your new endeavors. Financial stability is also affected by domestic conditions.

Moving, pregnancy, and birth are common events that affect the amount of money earned and spent. Occasionally this aspect can show a time when you are financially dependent on others for support for one of the reasons mentioned above. Moon Aspects Mercury Moon-Mercury aspects emphasize the need for integration of unconscious feelings with conscious thoughts.

If these two avenues for information and analysis are working together, they form a great combination; the integrated psyche is a powerful tool for intellectual and creative endeavors. You will be able to understand the total picture from your rational assessment combined with intuitive insight. When the conscious and unconscious are working together, you are more likely to make good decisions which satisfy your emotional needs. The conscious mind can be used to channel unconscious feelings into creative projects.

Channelling can also be very therapeutic. You can actively seek out more information about your feelings and motivations through discussions. But when the conscious and the unconscious function separately, the native experiences two distinct and contradictory pieces of information.

It is often difficult to make decisions since you arrive at two mutually exclusive conclusions. You could consciously override or suppress your feelings and emotional needs. On the other hand, you may react without thinking. The key to using this aspect positively is to balance and integrate conscious and unconscious input and work toward a complete sense of self. Mercury has two basic interpretations in the solar return chart: it symbolizes both your mental condition during the coming year and what you are thinking about.

The first task involved in understanding Mercury's interpretation is to evaluate the indicators for mental conditioning and the possible sources of tension. Solar Return Mercury in 11th house: The 10th house rules laws and standards established by society to govern groups of people.

Because they were prepared for the masses, they may not fit all individual situations or meet individual needs. The 11th house rules laws and standards established by the individual after reevaluating society's restrictions and regulations in light of personal experience. With this Mercury placement, you will probably question social restrictions in an attempt to personalize limitations and understand their usefulness in your present situation.

It is possible that your needs as an individual conflict with society's expectations. For example, if you are involved in a very difficult marriage and you are attracted to someone new, you might toy with the idea of having an affair. Pressure and needs relevant to your personal situation may contradict social restrictions.

Because Mercury usually relates to a mental exercise, it is not necessary that you actually transgress social norms or experience compromising situations. Your reassessment may consist of a continuing intellectual or theoretical debate running through your mind for most of the year.

But it is essential that you question the rules by which you live your daily life, and that you develop a new personal code of ethics. The 11th house also emphasizes group needs versus individual needs. Therefore it is common for the individual to be involved with a group or social situation which focuses on balancing these two energies.

You may be involved in a group because you are more likely to attain goals through a combined effort than working independently. You may need to share thoughts and experiences with others and establish new goals for the future. The group you are involved in may be primarily intellectual or social, but it is also possible that the group is working toward a common goal.

Communication among group members or the discussion of pressing issues may be an important part of the group efforts. Mercury in the 11th house may indicate self-help groups, although these groups are more closely associated with the Moon or Mars in the 11th, especially if Mercury is squared by a planet in the 1st house. Some organized groups tend to support group needs and goals over the needs of the individual. The individual may feel compromised in this situation.

For example, a new collective business group hired a full-time advertising person to promote their business. They needed to hold down expenses since finances were limited. The person creating and placing the ads believed in the group efforts, but he needed to live off the salary received.

In this case, the group goal of holding down expenses was not consistent with the individual's need to earn a good salary and provide a valuable service. The balance of individual needs versus group needs is usually emphasized in some way when Mercury is in the 11th house. A question of personal freedom underlies the issues of Mercury in the 11th house.

Whether you are dealing with friends, groups or society at large, the amount of individual freedom you enjoy is controlled to a certain degree by the relationships you have. You must accept certain restrictions and considerations so that your behavior does not impinge on the rights and freedoms of others. Therefore issues related to monogamy in a relationship or loyalty among friends may be important.

Since this is a decisive year for goals, the process of questioning established norms is particularly important. This is a time when you should be open to the new ideas and directions so necessary to the formulation of future goals. The questioning process opens your mind to original ways of thinking and frees you from unnecessary restrictions. The reevaluation process also helps you distinguish practical goals from unrealistic dreams.

Mercury in the 11th house can suggest that you are able to justify theoretically your need for freedom from pointless restraint in order to pursue new goals for the future.

Venus is the key to understanding your relationships and financial situation for the solar return year. Many times these two areas go hand in hand; financial security tends to be coupled with secure relationships while financial difficulties are more likely to occur when close relationships are strained.

Although this correlation is common, it is not the rule, and interpretations for finances and relationships should always be viewed separately. When assessing Venus in the chart, evaluate Venus twice, first with respect to the other relationship factors in the solar return and then with respect to the other monetary indicators.

In this way, you can develop a clear picture of each area of concern. Venus also indicates a need for comfort and it is informative to note what has preceded Venus in its present house position. If, during this year, Venus resides in a house which last year represented an area of conflict, Venus would imply an improvement in the conditions associated with that house and may indicate a healing process.

Benefits commonly follow after much hard work. A Venus placement in the solar return chart following a more difficult placement during the previous year can indicate great reward. Your awareness of this possibility may encourage you to work harder in more problematic areas since you can see the rewards in the following year.

Relationships Venus, by house, shows what relationships will be important during the coming year. For example, Venus in the 3rd house might indicate that relationships with neighbors or community involvement will be emphasized. With Venus in the 6th house, pleasant office conditions, and good co-worker relationships will be important. But the interpretation of relationships as they appear in the solar return chart involves more than an understanding of Venus' house placement.

Look at the 5th and the 7th houses, especially if you are interested in a love relationship. The more planets in these houses, particularly the 7th house, the greater the need to relate on a one-to-one basis. Generally, the 5th house shows sexual affairs, while the 7th house indicates a greater commitment though not necessarily marriage. One fact about marriage and the solar return chart is surprising.

The solar return is not necessarily a good indicator of a marriage during the year. The beginning of a relationship might be easily seen, but the marriage itself is more likely to be reflected in other techniques. On the other hand, postponement of a marriage or the refusal to make a commitment can be easily seen with Saturn, Uranus or Neptune in the 7th house. Finances Venus also relates to money and finances, and can be used to evaluate these circumstances for the coming solar return year.

The house placement for Venus may indicate how you are most likely to generate income. This is sometimes true, but not always. Venus in the 9th implies a teaching salary, but if you don't teach, the emphasis will be on your beliefs concerning relationships.

Don't stretch your economic interpretation of Venus' house placement. If the house position applies, the situation will be obvious. If the house position does not seem to apply to finances in particular, Venus will be more consistent with relationship situations during the year. For finances, it is perhaps more important to look at the planetary placements in the 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses, especially if you are interested in the amount of money you will be able to earn by employment.

The 2nd house is the primary money house, but it also gives indications of spending practices. Solar Return Venus in 10th house: Venus emphasizes the importance of good relationships according to its house placement in the solar return chart. When Venus is in the 10th house, the focus of attention is on relating to authority figures.

If you are still young, these authority figures will be your parents and school officials, but if you have reached the age of employment, the interpretation will most likely apply to your employers. This is a good time to foster a personal relationship with your boss; besides making working conditions more pleasant, it can help your career. During the year, who you know will be as important as what you are capable of doing.

Your relationship with a boss will probably be strictly business. A few individuals have been able to "sleep" their way to the top, but generally relationships without professional effort or business talent will not get very far.

The greatest success stories come from those who were able to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with their superior while maintaining high performance.

The relationship becomes mutually beneficial when your productivity is enhanced by the personal attention and guidance you receive from your boss, while at the same time your boss's ability to motivate you and other employees is increased by the personal commitment you make to his or her business plan.

For some, the mutually beneficial relationship grows to become a mentor-employee involvement which can further your career goals for many years to come, since personal endorsements normally carry a lot of weight. Advancement can come more easily with this Venus placement and this kind of situation.

Your employers will be as interested in developing your abilities as you are in getting ahead, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Model yourself after those who are already very successful in your chosen career. Seek career guidance from those you work for. Learn to be a team player in the business world. This is a good time to develop your negotiating skills. Sway others to support your proposals and make compromises work to your advantage.

The 10th house is the house of destiny or long-term influences which become milestones in your personal history. Venus here is associated with making choices that are important to either your career, your destiny, or both. Options are not always career-related, though generally this is the case. You will probably have the opportunity to make an important choice during the coming year.

This is a good time to decide to attend college, change professions, become self-employed, relocate to a different state or even a different country. Enterprises you begin now could benefit you greatly in both the near and distant future. The down side of Venus in the 10th house is the inconsistency of the interpretation. Although Venus can show advancements and success, no planet guarantees a benefic or malefic interpretation.

The manifestation is always based on your ability to handle your drives, and the action you ultimately take. This is especially true with Venus in the 10th house; a lot depends on your ability to get along with your superiors. Professional success tends to come more easily with Venus in the 10th, but when no work is involved, it may not come at all.

Relocation may pull you out of an established, successful position. Personality preferences may make you uncomfortable with your present position. You may not like your boss, or you may prefer self-employment to your nine-to-five job. Venus Aspects Uranus Uranus-Venus aspects in the solar return chart usually denote changes in relationships.

For some people, this can mean a sudden attraction and the excitement of a new love. Involvements may be very strong, very quick, and may or may not have staying power. New relationships might eventually lead to marriage, but probably not during this solar return year. Loose associations are common. Friends become lovers and some love relationships seem more like friendships. Occasionally, relationships and attractions are less than conventional.

Affairs between or with married individuals, homosexual contacts, and long-distance romances are possible. A general mood of disruption may permeate all partnerships, whether old or new.

Difficult relationships may end or become on-again, off-again involvements, but for those in a healthy relationship, changes will occur within the relationship itself and do not indicate a break in ties or a loss of commitment to one another. One or the other partner has a desire for greater freedom and openness. For some people, the changes involve a loss of comfort and stability, but a gain in newness and excitement. For example, the birth of a child brings both disruption and excitement to the new parents.

Gone is the relaxing comfort of a stable schedule; expectations and behavioral patterns which were once taken for granted may now be nonexistent. New patterns must emerge, but while the necessary adjustments are being made, the continuing disruption can cause difficulties and temporary distancing between the people involved.

Any strong change can cause this disruption in established relationship patterns. Common examples are relocation, retirement, heavy travel, and changes in the number of people living with you.

Financial changes are also likely to occur with Uranus-Venus aspects. If you are involved in a new and exciting relationship, you may give up your present home and job to relocate to his or her area. Some individuals dispose of much of what they own before the move. For one reason or another, you may decide to stop working or you may go out and get a job. The amount of money available to you is likely to change or fluctuate. You can be working on a commission or incentive basis, or be involved in a profit-sharing plan at work.

Self-employment is also possible with Uranus-Venus aspects, especially if you are newly self-employed and have not established a steady clientele. The planet Mars represents an outward thrust of energy in a solar return chart.

It is an active energy geared toward producing an external manifestation brought about through interchanges with the environment. The arrow on the symbol for Mars illustrates this outward thrust and movement. The interplay with the environment and the area of greatest energy expenditure are shown by the aspects to Mars and its house placement. There can be a number of ways in which the outward thrust of energy and activity manifests in the external environment. Positive manifestations implied by Mars include self-motivation, independent action, initiation of new projects, assertiveness, fulfilling sexual encounters, and original or pioneering creations.

But anger, aggression, and sexual abuses represent negative and wasteful expenditures. Energy lost in negative exchanges cannot be used productively. Mars, by its very nature, denotes the spark of initiation and self-motivation. Original pursuits, independent actions and new projects are fostered during the year and are typically associated with those areas of life denoted by the house placement of Mars.

Because of the new endeavors and the enthusiasm generated, these areas then become the focus of energy use as the level of activity increases and you begin to feel driven to work, accomplish, and complete. Sometimes ambition and competitiveness augment the need to excel, but an energetic attitude can flow without these personality traits since self-motivation tends to spring naturally from an inner source. During the year, activities may be specifically tied to your ability or inability to be assertive.

In its most positive manifestation, the planet Mars denotes an active force. Except for a few of the more subtle interpretations for Mars, the implication is an external thrust which affects other people, places, things or circumstances. For example, if you install a home office, you make a change in your living situation.

If you start your own business, you do, in effect, change the environment. If you insist on control over your own finances, you create a more independent relationship style.

In each of these cases, you are the individual initiating the activity and asserting your own needs which are essential to the task at hand. The inability to be assertive can only lead to frustrated desires and anger. Your efforts will be thwarted until you make adjustments in your thinking. When extreme frustration occurs, more energy is expended toward being angry than working toward correcting the problem.

The house position of Mars and its aspects to the other solar return planets provide information about the circumstances which will trigger angry responses in you. Anger may arise from a number of different circumstances, including, but not limited to, frustration at the inability to fulfill your own needs, aggression from others, stressful surroundings or unconscious resentment that has not been resolved.

Energy lost to anger cannot be used creatively. Anger that stimulates creative action can be recouped. Your task for the year will be to learn to deal effectively with these anger-producing situations. Do not allow anger to be triggered when insight coupled with assertiveness, tact or corrective action would suit your purposes better.

As you focus on negative situations and gain understanding, you can begin to funnel your energies into the most positive manifestations. Aggression is a distortion of assertiveness. Assertion is the defense and maintenance of your own rights; aggression is the infringement or attack on the rights of others. Anger is most likely the motivation for the attack, although psychological idiosyncrasies may provide other motivations of which fear is the main culprit.

All acts of aggression, by their very nature, should produce anger in the person attacked, though some individuals, because of their own psychological nature, respond in other ways.

Where you find Mars by house position indicates where you are most likely to meet the aggressor during the coming year. Either you will have to deal with a hostile person in the environment or you will be confronted with your own acts of aggression.

If you are able to meet your own needs through assertion and you know your own rights while conscientiously defending them, you are less likely to be the aggressor or allow aggressive actions to arise in others. You should be able to strike a balance between your needs, and rights, and the needs and rights of others. In this way, you maintain your position relative to the environment. But regardless of how fair you are in your dealings with others, you may still have to defend your own rights.

Mars as an indicator of sexuality is not consistent with the interpretation for every house position. There is the possibility that sexual intrigue can apply to the situations denoted by any of the planet's placements, but the connection is not always obvious. Themes of initiation, high energy output, anger, and aggression appear more consistently. For example, Mars in the 10th may mean a sexual attraction between you and your boss, but it is more likely for you to be extremely active in career endeavors.

Your boss can be a prime motivator toward career success or he could actually be very offensive and thwart your efforts. Note the aspects between Mars and your other personal planets for further information. The sexual implications of Mars seem more obvious in the relational houses, but then individual differences apply. Sexual fulfillment is directly related to the appropriateness of sexual activity given the particular situation and any restraints or inhibitions involved.

Mars in 10th house within 3 degree orb of 11th house Mars in the 10th house suggests an aggressive business style or energetic attitude towards career tasks. Many times the individual with this placement realizes that he or she must work harder during the coming year either to get ahead or stay ahead.

Competition from other businesses or co-workers can provide the impetus towards greater productivity, but many times the individual is only in competition with himself or herself. There may or may not be a specific change in the work environment that indicates this need to switch into high gear. Internal signals are as likely as external motivations. This is a good time to focus on career ambitions and use the energy surge for both immediate career goals and long-term developments.

During the year, you should take the initiative and capitalize on your ability to be self-motivating. Try new techniques, tools and directions. Use this time to initiate a project or start your own business. Professional success can result from independent efforts, and as a rule, you will prefer working alone. Specific situations which are consistent with this interpretation include: working on a commission basis and trying to land the "big deal"; attracting new clients, particularly those requiring active pursuit; and starting a new business or relocating an old one to a new area, since you must hustle to make things work, break even or move ahead.

Those who cannot find a positive outlet for this energy surge will feel frustrated with their present employer or career responsibilities. If you are not self-employed, or do not have the freedom to work independently, clashes with authority figures are likely.

In some instances you can be motivated by your boss's demands, but generally, tension between you and upper management can build into a stressful situation for one reason or another. High pressure situations and workaholic tendencies are associated with this placement and if your boss is too demanding, your workload can be overwhelming or even impossible.

You can accomplish a lot this year, but do not do so at the expense of your mental or physical health. Do not allow workaholic tendencies to prevent you from going on vacation.

It is important that you practice relaxation techniques and take time off. It is also important to learn to control, deflect or address tension-producing issues. In very negative situations, the stress at work is exacerbated by unreasonable or difficult authority figures. It would be best if you could work alone, since you may not like working for, with, or under anyone. The natural creative energies will be more evident if the motivation is internalized and allowed to flourish, but this is not always the case.

If you must deal daily with an argumentative boss, you need to look at your professional priorities and reassess your options. In the most positive manifestation, energy is expended toward professional achievement, but if the road to success is blocked, extreme frustration will follow. Making job or attitude changes can be the only way to open doors to more positive opportunities. Although the 10th house is associated with career choices, this is also the house of the destiny path.

New personal directions are possible while Mars is placed here, regardless of whether or not these new directions are directly tied into career choices. Occasionally this placement shows that you are able to go on in life alone. This is particular true for those individuals in the midst of a divorce. The ability to function independently while pursuing a course of action which can have a major effect on the life path is an interpretation consistent with Mars in the 10th house of the solar return chart.

Mars within 3 degree orb of 11th house Mars in the 11th house shows an intense desire for freedom of action and the aggressive pursuit of goals. You will not allow or accept limitations on options. You do not want your present short-term goals or your future long-term goals to be dominated, controlled or restricted by others. You will protect your right to proceed in any area of personal or professional endeavor. The goals you set during this year can generally be accomplished without the support or assistance of others and despite any objections.

To accomplish your goals, you may have to bend a few rules or break a few family traditions. You are not afraid of independent action and it may be necessary for the task at hand. For some individuals, goals will be very self-oriented and self-serving, perhaps even selfish. For example, a woman about forty years old had worked at her husband's side in a family-run business for twenty years. When Mars was in the 11th house, she discovered a great love for another professional field while pursuing a hobby.

She decided to quit her current job, but her husband objected, saying he needed her to manage the office. Eventually she did quit despite his objections and began working for herself.

She initiated the business on her own despite the family objections and continued to pursue a goal only she was interested in. The goals you seek during the coming year will normally be in keeping with your personal needs and abilities and are the product of your own mind and not an offshoot of someone else's ambitions. This is a time to feel both self-sufficient and self-possessed.

External manifestations are meant to reflect inner qualities. The active creation of dreams will help you to discover your own ability to function independently. Your range of future activities will no longer be restricted by a need for help or agreement from others. You are capable of initiating things on your own and following through.

Focus on your own unique individuality and value your abilities, whatever they may be. Develop and pursue talents and ideas that may have been lying suppressed for many years. This is a time meant for reviving those dreams lost when they seemed, at the time, too selfish to pursue.

You can now accomplish projects abandoned in deference to others, but you must be assertive and ambitious in your desire for fulfillment. From the perspective of others, family, and friends, you may be somewhat unpredictable and undependable. Others may be concerned about your newfound independence, but assurances should be enough to calm their fears if you maintain a measure of stability.

More difficult is the total disregard you might have for the needs of others and your responsibilities to them. You are capable of making decisions impulsively and without consultation.

You are also capable of forming goals without adequate research or reflection. Some individuals will truly not handle their newfound freedom wisely, and consequently, they become the cause of great concern to others who find the increasingly aggressive and independent behavior threatening and out of control. Rather than choosing to work alone, you may become involved in a group effort or work on a project with a number of your friends.

But even in this situation, you will most likely gravitate toward leadership positions. You can be a great motivator for others and you, yourself, will also be energized in return. If you act as an independent within the group setting, others will resent your preoccupation with personal needs or fulfillment. Conflicts within the group are possible, and you can be drawn into any power struggles.

Conflicts with one or more friends might also occur. For example, a young college woman was involved in a very difficult friendship with two close friends who were using drugs. Eventually, the woman withdrew from her friends because of the drug use. She returned to her studies and went on alone. During the year, you and a friend may be at cross-purposes and this will cause contention, but you can instead be motivated by common interests and shared goals.

Changes range from a constant stream of minor adjustments to dramatic and sweeping transformations. Either form can be beneficial or detrimental depending on individual differences and manifestation.