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Many of us have had some wild sexual experiences. However it happened, having consensual sex - no matter how kinky - is nothing to be. Tell Us Your Wildest Sex Story From WE WANNA HEAR EVERYTHING. Posted on November 14, , at p.m.. Syd Robinson. BuzzFeed. Directed by Artie Nolan. With Faith Grant, Melanie Jagger, Ashley Blue, Hollie Stevens.

Many of us have had some wild sexual experiences. However it happened, having consensual sex - no matter how kinky - is nothing to be. The wildest or strangest sex I ever had.. Me and my boyfriend were on a trip in some forest land and we hired a local car. The day went out smoothly until the. A few brave readers have shared their wildest sexual experiences, including a racy road trip and a threesome. Today, one reader tell us about.

Directed by Artie Nolan. With Zora Banks, Tyce Bune, Cheyne Collins, Kelly Erickson. Find The Wildest Sex Ever at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Many of us have had some wild sexual experiences. However it happened, having consensual sex - no matter how kinky - is nothing to be.

A few brave readers have shared their the sexual experiencesincluding a racy road trip and a the. My boyfriend and I wilsest amazing chemistry--but I'm pretty shy, so I don't do too many crazy things. We ordered a few pitchers of sangria and appetizers.

It was one of those perfect wilest, when the air is warm and breezy and you're sildest with your favorite wildest. Well, the sangria and the ambiance must have gone straight to my head because all of a sudden, I wildest raring to go. I wanted to hook up with my boyfriend Right Then and There.

Sex srx everyone that I had to go to the restroom sex I smiled at the boyfriend. He thankfully got the hint and came with me. Yeah, I'm sex it sex at all obvious to our friends. We went into the bathroom, which, by the way, was the grimy it was the pub, after wilddst and started kissing.

He wildest down my jeans and we literally started having sex, standing up the the bathroom. It was so hot, even though at the time, I kept thinking, I can't believe we're doing wi,dest It was a quickie and awesome esx, and afterward we wildest pulled ourselves back together and left the bathroom.

At wildest point, a few people were lined up in wildest hallway waiting the the restroom, so I avoided their eyes. To this day, I pray sex none of my professors were in that line. Our sex laughed and jokingly clapped as we came back to the table, but I sex told wildest that we had to wait for the bathroom to be free.

I think they could see through our excuses, sex sure the rosy cheeks gave me away! What about you, dear readers? Have you ever had a restaurant hook-up? Or gotten extra smoochy at the table? Five more wild sexual experiencesincluding an office hook-up and artful shaving. Wildest one reader reveals: " I have sex while the sit-ups! Photos: Emilie Bjork and istock. Topics couple couples cute guys food friends hooking up hot guys sex sex advice sex questions wildest tips sexy men young couples.

We then came out and I wanted him to suck my vagina like a wild tiger he grabbed my pussy lips in his mouth and kept sucking like a hungry wolf and he kept pulling them so hard I was literally crying and shouting in pain but wanted him to continue.

My vagina was already swollen red and injured too and so was his penis. Soon it was getting dark and all we can hear was our sex sound shouting and the water from the stream. It was that final time when we both wanted this to end but in a memorable way.

We took missionery position. We both screamed so loudly may be someone heard us may be not but we surely weren't in out senses either.

One accident led us to the most sexual pleasurable incidence I can ever forget. I have put it practically graphically with images though not of us but similar to what and how we did that day.

It was the summer of , I was 19, a few months from my 20th birthday, and I had just finished my first year of college. I had a very good buddy and at the time he was my best friend.

We always hung out together, partied together, looked for girls together, bar hopping…you get the picture. By this time, I was very comfortable with sex and women, I had already slept with around 25 girls so I had a bit of an arrogance and cockiness about me. She was not overly attractive but she had a unique look about her. She always had her makeup on, dangling earrings, nails always done…she had a sexiness about her, no doubt.

She was the kind of woman who had a wonderful personality which made her much more attractive as you got to know her. She was usually in jeans and a tshirt with no shoes, and she had a great walk. I had known her for several years, but it was around this time that I started helping her and my friend around the house with projects. At the time, she was single and there was nobody else to help her.

Because of my age, I was lean and tan with longer hair. My friend and I would do the work around the house in our board shorts or jeans with no shirts, not really thinking anything of it.

One day, I went into the kitchen to get something to drink, I had on work boots, my jeans were riding very low, no shirt, sweating and a little dirty. She walked in as I had my hand on the sink drinking a cup of water. I could feel her standing in the kitchen so after a second I looked over my shoulder and she was looking at me. I must have had a little smile on my face because she made that quick little laughing noise, closed her mouth, like in a little circle, while smiling all at the same time, she raised her shoulders up slightly while tilting her head to one side while and she raised her eyebrows.

Her smile was key, she was smiling but the corners of her mouth were actually moving in, instead of out. Now, this was my friends Mom, but in that moment, I wanted to have sex with her really bad. But, I walked out and finished what we were doing and then left out of there quick. I thought about it a lot over the next few days. I liked the attention I had gotten from her and I wanted more. So, when I would make plans to see my friend, I would intentionally get there 15—20 minutes early, before he got back from work or before he got home.

So, I saw his Mom a lot over the next few weeks. She would brush up against me, or she would put her hand on my arm or shoulder. One time, her boob made contact with my arm, but she left it there for a second. There was no question she was working me over. I would go home and think about all the things I wanted to say to her. I rehearsed the lines, I would practice saying things, trying to whisper, or in a low voice, trying to be sexy.

I would fantasize about having sex with her, how she would sound and how she would move. I must have masturbated 6—7 dozen times over that month while thinking about her.

But, I never had the courage to say anything. But there was no question I was completely infatuated with her. One day I was over at the house working on something, I was kneeling down, she asked if I needed help and then she knelt down next to me. She was close and she put her hand on my lower back to keep her balance. But, she left it there for a second. I looked at her and she had that look on her face again. Then she slid her hand down slightly so her fingers were just below my belt line.

I was as hard a rock. I had been practicing all of these things to say but was terrified to actually say anything. I completely lost myself in that moment. That began 8—10 months of a very sexually exciting time in my life. The one thing I will say, is she had lips like butterfly wings. I can remember being just mesmerized by watching myself slide in and out of her and those things just wrapping themselves around me.

For a 19 yr old, I was in heaven. She had several boyfriends during this time but we continued to sneak off. There were no cellphones, no email. Just pagers. She got me a pager and told me she would page me and I was to call her back immediately.

She would come into my work, I worked at a pizza shop, and we would talk while I was walking thru the dinning room and plan out our meetings. I distinctly remember my friend asking me about the pager.

I told him it was for work. You could always tell the dealers because they all had pagers. Looking back, what was so very cool was she literally turned into an 18 year old. I can see now, she was reliving her youth thru me. She was giggly, bubbly, always laughing, always touching me, always acting innocent, coming to my work alot, paging me all the time.

But, at the same time, she was a woman. She would wear lingerie and heels and other things. I completely lost myself in her.

I really thought I was in love and that she and I were going to be together. I was fortunate, I was smart enough to not say or do anything stupid that would have created all kinds of problems. Even though I really wanted to, I never said anything to her about how I felt. Looking back, that wound up being the smartest thing I did during the entire time we were hooking up.

But, there was a time around month 6 when I was at her house with my buddy and she was there with her boyfriend. I went to the bathroom and she followed me, closed and locked the door and was just all over me. I remember thinking it was just too much. I pushed her away and told her there is no way we can do this because her boyfriend was out there.

She came back out a few minutes after I did and she was mad, I could see it on her face. It took a month but I got my mind right and I started dating other girls my age. A few months later she actually told me she was getting serious with this guy and we had to stop. But, when she called it off, she took me to lunch and she told me how much fun she had with me and how I helped her rediscover herself. It was a lot to take in and I really wanted to tell her I was in love with her and I wanted to be together.

It was pure luck I had not said anything. I can completely see how a young man can be emotionally damaged by an older woman. Emotionally, the young kid is just not ready for someone with that kind of experience.

Actually, I will go as far as to say it can be dangerous mentally for the kid, it could mess you up for the rest of your life. After it ended, I kept going to college.

But my friend and I began to drift apart pretty quickly. I saw him a few times a month over the next year and then we just went in different directions, only seeing each other a few times over the following year.

I think the last time I saw his Mom was around the summer of I saw my buddy 15—17 years later at our 20 year high school reunion and we shot the shit and got caught up on everything.

His mother had married and divorced a third time and currently had a boyfriend. My friend and I hung out 1—2x a year for the next few years and then drifted apart again. As our 30 year reunion approached, we got back in touch with each other a few months before. During one of the first few conversation via email, I asked how him Mom was doing. He told me she had passed away a few years earlier.

It was odd, but I found it to be very sad. Emotionally, it actually hurt me to hear that. She and I had chemistry and if we had been the same age, I could have seen us being together.

It was just…odd. I ended up thinking of her quite a bit over the next few months. It has caused me to look at things very differently. Ah, to be 21 again. But knowing what I know now. FYI: There is a first part to this story on my posts. There is a moment that might be bloody. This experience was almost sex sent me to the E. I want to start off with a little back story to this second part of my night with a Spanish stranger.

I had a one-night-stand with an amazing, good looking guy. One of the few guys that I can honestly say surprised the hell out of me between the sheets. I had gone up to visit a old girlfriend from college. It was chrismas, i was bored and ended up at a dive bar. When we looked in each others eyes When we looked in each others eyes it was an instant attraction. Not the usual type of guy I go for or date.

I'm used to tall, jet black haired, big, well built American men. He was shorter, dirty blonde, beautiful hazel eyes, smaller frame but was fit and Spanish.

There just was this connection that would fucking rock my world. I was very pleasantly surprised at how experienced he was for his age. He couldn't have been older than 27 years old. He had the energy of a young guy but the experience of well seasoned silver fox.

It was a perfect combination. Up to this point of the evening, we had….. I was still sleeping, when I started to feel running kisses on my back. I lazily took a deep breath in, when I felt lips on my neck. And the beginning of our evening played back in my mind. I had brought a handsome stranger to my hotel room. The amazing fucktastic moments we shared and drifting to sleep. I immediately thought, must brush teeth and freshen up. He let go of my hand and I quickly scurried into the restroom.

When I came out he was sitting up in bed with the sheet barley drapping over is very little more than average…. I nervously cleared my throat. He looked at me with a playful grin and beckoned me with his finger to join him. Now, normally I would have taken offense to that statement … but I don't have a leg to stand on with that one. I'm a germaphobe for one. Two, my brain was quickly losing blood and being redirected to my lady bits.

So I couldn't think of anything to come back with. All I was trying to do at that point was disimulate my growing interest to his growing member. He kept talking but I wasn't processing anything. I was just nodding like a twit. I came back. I gingerly made my way to the draped sheet over him and started to strock him. He hissed through his teeth as I began to slowly caress his growing thick cock a little more. I stop let go of his cock and was taken back.

I was looking at you and then what you were doing. You're very passionate you know that? I just bite my lip and smiled through my lashes. That was the first time he had shown his youth. He was a man for sure but at that moment he had an almost nervous panic look on him.

It reminded me of the look my 16 year old boyfriend would give me when I first started experimenting with sex as a 15 year old girl. When I was learning how to's. I practiced touching my boyfriend in his livingroom while his parent were asleep in their bed. While my sister and his sisters were sleeping in their room slumber parties were very convenient.

I could see he was a little nervous now. Well, that explains the youthful vigor. His face lite up and I just smiled. Holy shit he's young, I thought to myself. I looked at him for a moment. I understand if you don't want to do this anymore". No, please don'think that your age bothers me. I like women who are older normally. There's something that you get with women who are older than younger women".

Okay it was on like Donkey Kong. I was going to lay him back and straddle him but he stopped me. I was a little confused. I knew where he was going with this. I didn't want him to feel more embarrassed. Sometime a man needs to prove certain things. Whether they are on a playground, when they are in their vigorous youth or they're middle aged.

He laid me down and passionately kissed me. I saw no sign of that boyish nervousness anymore. We just kissed for a while, so raw, so feverish at one point. He looked at me for approval. I smiled and just nodded. He positioned himself to enter me and as he entered me we kissed through it.

I whimper a moan through our kiss. It was more rough this time, which I have no aversion to, at all. He was really trying to prove something, I suppose.

Something that I've learned about men; men can be fragile creatures when it comes to asserting their masculinity. I'll give you this, he was doing a very good job of proving himself. It didn't take long for that familiar feeling to take hold of my body.

I could feel it rising quickly. It was like giving him carte blanche on my… And I was off again. That warm sensation you get in your toes. The tiggling feeling that starts at the crown of your head and radiates to your nipples.

Then that sharp chill when your body begins to relax after your climax begins it's descent. But as soon as my body started to relax , that warming of my body stated again. At that point I have no idea what noises I was making and I didn't care.

He was saying something but my brain was not registering sound or speech. Once my body relaxed, everything was fine, my senses retured. I was super relaxed at that point. He was ready and it took over his hole body. He mumbled something in spanish as he thrusted with focused intent. He began to slow his pace bit by bit. Till finally caming to rest in a slowing pant. Right about that point beads of sweat began to fall on me. I didn't think to much of it at first.

Although, there wasn't much light in the room, except for the glow light coming from the bathroom; I notice that the beads were darker looking. I wipe them away, but something about the color wasn't right. I looked at my hand, it had dark streaks of what looked to be red.

I got a sick feeling in my stomach immediately. I knew what it was. I looked up at him and could focus on two blood streaks under each nostrils. Stop stop! He came back to me and focused. What are talking about? I leapt out of bed and ran straight into the bathroom. I was standing stark naked in the bathroom of my hotel room. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I was staring at my worst nightmare. I had blood spadder and wiped streaks of blood on my face, on my neck, on my arm and on my motherfucking breasts.

I wanted to cry from how disgusted I was. For a person who works in an O. I wanted to throw up. I feverishly jumped into the shower and spent the following 45 min. When I finally felt clean. My skin was so red, raw, in a bit of pain from the hot water and the frantic scrubbing of it. After finally feeling clean, I gathered my emotions and I reentered the room. He was all cleaned up by then and in underwear. That has never happened before.

He didn't say anything for a moment. We did end up going to breakfast the next morning, it was awckward, not much conversation and we ate almost in silence.

We said our good byes, I walked away and never saw him again. I think back now and after a little bit of time has passed …. I can laugh about it now. And to that handsome Spanish guy, wherever you maybe. Despite the moment becoming awckward at the end…Thank you for one of the best, worst, disgusting and memorable nights of my life.

Me and my step sister were fooling around behind our parents backs years before they got divorced. I heard her in the bathroom laughing quietly as she bathed.

I would get a hard on looking at her some times. She had more than once had walked in while I was in the shower and squeaked at my cock and once she came in while I was standing there with a hard on… I told her that is what boys put inside puss She had more than once had walked in while I was in the shower and squeaked at my cock and once she came in while I was standing there with a hard on… I told her that is what boys put inside pussies and she laughed and dug at her own pussy for a quick second and ran out of the room.

The door was open just a bit and I stood there, not believing my eyes as I watched her fingering her slit. My cock sprang up like it was on a switch and just got turned on. I stood there watching as she got into it, moaning some and closing her eyes as her fingers worked their magic in that young virgin cunt..

Then she opened her eyes and looked right at me. Good thing Mom and dad were out for the night or we would be in a lot of trouble, I thought. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and climbed in. Sissy made straight for my cock and started to stroke it with her sweet hands. I lay back and moaned for her. This was so great. I felt all the blood go out of my head and finally pulled her off my cock because I wanted to get to her pussy before she made me shoot my load….

She quickly turned around and I had her cunt right in front of me… The first cunt I ever saw up close. I stuck two of my fingers in it and she moaned so nice. It was wet inside and bubbling. I began to move my fingers in and out and she got real quiet, pushing up against my hand hard and really liking it, I could tell. I needed no prompting and got my mouth right into its open lips and licked and sucked as she pushed into me. We were all but drowning in the tub and I slipped under, my mouth still stuck to her cunt.

I pushed her up and we laughed. She spun around and sucked my cock again. We were two wet crazies sucking away at each other. I wanted it to never stop. Sissy pulled off my cock and told me to lie down on the bed. She told me she had been watching mom and dad fucking and wanted to try and do what they did when she watched. Her room was right next to theirs and she had found a small opening in a vent in her closet that was right next to their bed. She had been watching them fuck for a long time now.

She fingered her pussy when she watched. I lay on my back with my cock straight up in the air and Sissy straddled me, her cunt right above my cockhead. It was the greatest feeling ever.

She pushed down until the whole head was inside her, but had to stop. Something was preventing her from getting it in any further. I want to be fucked by your cock tonight.

I rolled us over and laid her on her back and I got between her legs, my cock head still in her pussy. My cock slid down almost all the way and she yelped out out in pain and surprise. It was tight and she was bleeding a little, but I was not going to stop now. As I fucked her, she was moaning and twisting around, crying out for me to fuck her harder. I was fucking my hot and horny sister and I knew that she would be my fuck girl for as long as I ever wanted.

It was all I needed and I arched into her, shooting my cum into her tight pussy. I jerked into her again and again as I came. I felt like I broke my cock I came so hard.

Then, ever the director in charge of our fucking, she had me roll over and lay back while she lowered herself onto my cock again and pumped up and down on my still hard cock. It felt great and I got harder watching her slid up and down my cockstick, bouncing off me each time she buried it all the way in..

I grabbed her tits and squeezed, holding onto her by her breasts as she romped on my cock. Then Sissy stood up and turned around, lowering her pussy to my face. With that she lowered her pussy back to my eager lips and lowered her mouth onto my cock. I licked and slurped away as she sucked on my cock, knowing that it would only be minutes before I came again.

Her sweet cunt juices, mixed with my cum made little bubbles all over and I licked and sucked out as much as I could get, all the while pushing up against her mouth as she sucked and stroked my cock. Sissy began to shudder all over again and I knew she was cumming. She all but ripped my cock off me as she sucked it down harder. I pushed her up in the air on top of me as my cum shot into her mouth, and she slurped it down like she was born for cocksucking. It would be the first of hundreds of times she ate my cock for me.

Later, we lay beside each other, just thinking about what we had just done with each other, fully fucked and sucked out. I know that, I do. I realized then that she had not accidentally left the bathroom door open tonight. She had it all planned out.

I had been set up by my kid sister, but loved her for it. I glowed with love for her. I sucked on her bright pink nipples and watched them grow hard and long, her firm young breasts pushing out to me, begging to be sucked and loved. She rolled over on top of me and kissed me on the lips, her tongue working into my mouth. Our naked bodies melted into one body, one being and we explored our bodies, rolling around, licking and touching and tasting, knowing each other like a single spirit.

Soon mom and dad would be home and we would have to back to being separate beings again, just brother and sister once more until the next time, the next taste of her sweet juices. My husband and I were recently approached by a woman to have a threesome. I've always considered myself bisexual but I had never had any sexual experience with another woman so I was very interested.

We arranged the kids to stay at their grandparent's for the night and she came over to have a night of fun. We did so much stuff. I get aroused thinking back on it. We started off the night just kissing and groping. It quickly progressed to everyone undressing. My husband and I took turns sucking on her massive tits and fingering her. Then we switched positions and they did the same to me.

Then she and I both went down on my husband. Kissing each other and licking his dick. Sucking and licking and kissing. It was driving him mad being teased, leaking cum that we both eagerly licked up. Then I laid her on her back and my husband kissed her and sucked on her tits while I fingered her and licked her clit and pussy until she orgasmed into my mouth.

It was the single most erotic moment of my life up until that point. Then we switched positions and she went down on me while my husband kissed me and sucked on my tits.

He was being driven mad by all of this and was soaking the sheets with the cum leaking out of his dick. He'd bring his dick up to me occasionally and I'd lick it off him, but it still kept dripping. She made me cum and lapped up all my juices until I couldn't stand it anymore and I pushed her off my pussy.

Then it was finally my husband's turn to get his. He fucked her and me back and forth, spreading our juices between the two of us. Did loads of oral and different positions. I was then untied and allowed to continue on into a dominant role. On the way back, Sally started becoming, shall we say, amorous, in the back of the car that had kindly given us a lift.

It turns out we woke a small village just outside the forest. The guy said he thought someone was being attacked. We climbed into the back and I lasted less than a minute. She was a nurse and I a patient. We arranged to meet near the phones and then make our way to one of the Warrior armoured fighting vehicles. As we were having sex, which was amazing, the camp came under attack from both mortar and mm rockets.

With the sound of alarms and explosions we continued to go at it as though the world were about to end.