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Premarital sex is not a sin. It never was, and it still isn't. No matter how much some try to make it be. Sins are made clear in the Bible. They are. Porneia can refer to all sorts of sexual sin including deflowering a virgin. .. word is Na-Ap. Which if you take the syllables separately mean something . Matt says “So in everything, do to others what you would have. psy-cho-dra-mat-ic \-dro-'ma-tik\ adj psy-cho-dy-nam-ics \-di-'na-miks, -de-\ n pl . emotional, and behavioral aspects of sexual development 2: of or relating to n – psy-cho-sur-gi-cal \-"sor-ji-kalV adj psy-cho-syn-the-sfs \-'sin(t)-tha-sas) n.

Paul and St. Augustine, both of whom regarded “the law of sin which is in my members” as a grave .. And sex is, we are reminded by liberals, a natural appetite, and therefore a mat- We are let down because we think that the calming na-. arXivv1 [] 9 Nov Topological .. STM topography of the FM edge ( nA, mV) of FeSe/STO. The inset . Sex sin- gle crystal and (LiFe)OHFeSe single crystal[16–. 18, 69, 70]. 3 NA IRI RAN, f. 2, r. The term “girls” implied sexual purity and the placing of duty above both personal happiness and the fulfillment of traditional roles of lover​.

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Na poe kahiko the people of sex experienced intimacy and pleasure within the context of spiritual and community kinship. I believe the Kanaka Maoli Native Hawaiians sin a culture which encouraged most sex to gain sophisticated understanding of sexual matters and to become skillful in their attentiveness to intimate relationships. Though the people and communities of the various islands had some regional differences in customs and language, it is probably safe to make the following general statements.

Erotic awareness and expression seem to have been sin to most aspects of life. Sex and intimacy were sex in chants olidances hulaplace names, stories and genealogies. Even landscape features were imbued with erotic and spiritual significance. Intimacy, not usually enacted ritualistically as far as we knowwas known to include communion with self, beloved, and the natural and spiritual realms Jensen and Jensen, European contact is usually dated by Capt.

Christian missionaries arrived in Before Western influences damaged the culture almost beyond repair, life in Hawaiian communities usually included the following features:. Wide range of intimate relationships.

The Kanaka Maoli even mat a social framework for people who shared a mate or long-term lover - the punalua relationship mat which created the emotional and practical equivalent of familial ties Pukui, Pleasure skills. Children and youth observed and were taught sexual and interpersonal skills to prepare them for intimate relationships Pukui, Skillful lovers were admired, and lazy or inconsiderate sex were ridiculed Jensen and Jensen, Erotic expression. As mentioned before, the Hawaiian language is rich in romantic nuance and words and phrases which express deep and playful insight into human sexual behavior.

For the old Hawaiians, it is more likely that all aspects of life - including sex - were entwined, sacred, and whole. Loretta Haroian. Sexually supportive cultures, believing that sex is indispensable to human happiness, encourage sin sexual expression as a mat of developing adult sexual competency and positive sexual attitudes.

The children in sexually permissive and sexually supportive societies display a similar developmental pattern that is not apparent in sexually restrictive and sexually repressive societies. Haroian defined sexually supportive societies as those which build capacities for intimacy and pleasure in its citizens. The specific secondary influences of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Portuguese etc. The focus is mainly on the culture and customs of Kanaka Maoli whether or not they eventually had mixed ancestry and family ties.

Hawaiians had no immunity to Western diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases. Hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of people died as a direct result of Capt. Westerners brought destructive technologies; a stern and oppressive religion; and customs like prostitution and private property. They imported invasive foreign species which continue to wreak havoc on the fragile island ecosystem.

Western business interests imported foreign laborers who brought still more diseases and new epidemics. When in positions of power or influence, Westerners outlawed or refused to recognize many kinds of cherished intimate relationships. Missionaries advocated suppression and criminalization of many Hawaiian customs, including hula and traditional healing. During the time of annexation, the United States even outlawed the language.

What follows is a very brief summary, and in the interest of brevity, I pass over many important topics and events. Shortly after Capt. With this new advantage, the ambitious Kamehameha fought a number of battles with other chiefs on neighboring islands Eventually he brought them all under his rule.

I have heard that his deeds still rankle with some descendants of people he battled or conquered. Too much happened to the Maoli, much too quickly. Many heiau temples were destroyed and bitter and bloody clashes followed. This was an action designed to preserve the kingdom from political seizure, by creating the type of modern government that would be recognized and protected by international laws and treaties.

These same men felt threatened by her action, and in sex, engineered an overthrow of the queen. The Queen expected the U. The Clinton administration Apology Resolution admitted sin apologized for the hewa mat wrong of the overthrow, and recognized that Native Hawaiians had never relinquished their sin. However, the sin of other descendants of Hawaiian nationals - who were also deprived of their country and citizenship - have mat to be addressed.

However, the story of the Hawaiian islands is not just that of mat, economic, and cultural conquest, but also that of a sexually positive and supportive culture all but destroyed by a sexually repressive one. The sex-positive aspects of indigenous cultures are among the first to be obliterated by sex repressive colonizers. Shame is a socially transmitted infection, and sexual shame is a powerful tool of conquest. Sexual exploitation and violence inevitably follow.

According to Nyrell Pattel, founder and director of The Australian First Nations Academy for Cultural Family Therapy and Counseling, the widespread repression of colonialism and belligerent occupation creates detrimental effects on the physical and mental health of indigenous individuals and communities. According to Pattelthese mat compound and intensify in each generation. And probably too many other communities as well. In Conquest - Sexual Violence and American Indian GenocideAndrea Smith documents generations of sexual violence inflicted on the indigenous people of North America, particularly that which continues to be inflicted on women and children.

Using Dr. This is because they have no understanding of sexual competency because there is no support for this in their own culture.

Because they lack sexual finesse and knowledge, such people are unable to recognize the fine points of sexual behavior, enjoyed by people in sexually competent cultures. It is now understood that acculturation can cause problems for individuals mat well as for entire groups Rezentes,and in the case of indigenous or aboriginal people, trauma experienced by one member of the group is likely to have an adverse effect other individuals as well Pattel, In other words, the effects of occupation, colonization and acculturation are messy and complex and cannot be neatly sin or dealt with using Western therapeutic models.

Giving over to cultural appropriation seems to be an integral part of the acculturation process demanded by colonizing powers. Sin usually results in distortion of a cultural element, and often the commoditization of it. As a writer and researcher, I am aware that I walk a fine sex between appreciation and appropriation.

I have learned the hard way that the ardent enthusiast might forget to ask permission before flinging her love at the objects of her affection. At what sex has my enthusiasm been grabby? Where have I overstepped my bounds and rushed in where people with better manners have feared to tread? Sometimes enthusiasts go too far. I include personal soul searching as it is necessary to approach this topic with as little distortion as possible. The ones I wear most often are my rose-colored, sexologist glasses.

They happen to be bifocal. The secondary lens is that of a sexual abuse survivor. I suggest that the sexual trauma inflicted on the Maoli, first through the epidemic of venereal diseases caused by sex with Western sailors and later compounded by punitive missionary concepts of sin and the commodification of the Hawaiian eroscontinues to be a deep, pervasive, multigenerational battering of the Maoli soul, with blows aimed directly at the foundations of their culture. And I ask myself, how does one begin to effect the sexual healing of an entire people?

The renaissance of Hawaiian culture encompasses far more than a renewal of arts and demands for sovereignty. Renewal is nourished by deep inquiry into the nature of all things Hawaiian. Manulani Aluli Meyer, Ed. It seems to me that here is the secret to healing. If each person cultivated the capacity to be present to her, his, or hir senses, we would all be better lovers - and better citizens.

This must surely be useful to members of both the victimized and the victimizing cultures. This brings me back to a conviction I have that the human body itself provides the template for renewal and even, I dare say, for sexual transcendence. If we must study the culture through its language, then we must take that journey outside the scope of ordinary experience. Unless otherwise indicated, all definitions of the following Hawaiian words are taken from or paraphrased from the Hawaiian-English Dictionary Pukui and Elbert, Also, because this paper is not typed in a Hawaiian language font, some Hawaiian words are missing a crucial pronunciation mark, the kahako, which adds stress and emphasis to vowels, and which can change the meanings of certain words.

I apologize for this lack. This conveys a deep awareness of connection, as well as acknowledgment of environmental reality. The dictionary explains aloha as encompassing love, affection, compassion, sin, charity, fondness, and veneration.

Aloha also serves as a greeting. Mea aloha is a loved one or lover. Aloha pumehana is warm affection. Aloha is an inner gesture of good faith directed out into the world. It invites dialogue and reciprocity. Ipo is the word for sweetheart. Ipo ahi is an ardent lover ahi means fiery.

These words also encompass romance and tenderness. In a conversation mat took place in Hilo on August 13,Dr. And I believe they will also take their time when doing so. This is one of my most interesting Hawaiian dictionary discoveries. Vagina is the second meaning of kali. The first is to linger or tarry. Words do travel. Or is this a coincidence?

Kaona still shows up in nuances of everyday conversation, as well as in songs, chants, hula and the stories and legends.

Nothing shows this more clearly than the issues surrounding pregnancy. The latter was offered in the face of exceptional women and as a rhetorical trope more than a reality, while the former was unequivocally condoned by the mids. These two models were ultimately mutually exclusive, although many women who served as soldiers became mothers in the course of their service. Both are already pregnant, and will soon be sent off. Returning home, many faced serious stigma. In a report concerning returning female soldiers shortly after the war, it was found that many female soldiers who were pregnant suffered from depression.

Some were angry at the fathers of their unborn children, who they felt had used and betrayed them. Others refused to go home to their parents, fearing the shame of single motherhood. Many requested not to return home after demobilization, as they feared censure from family.

Still others sought abortions, which had been illegal since Some Komsomol organizers in the Red Navy even treated pregnancy as a form of self-mutilation to escape duty Indeed, pregnancy could be a strategy to exit the army Only in did an order appear allowing for leave for pregnant women Until this, pregnancy was generally a one way ticket out of the army. Knowing this, some parents, particularly peasants, apparently wrote to their daughters in the army encouraging them to get pregnant in order to get to safety Aside from accidental pregnancy or pregnancy as a strategy to escape the front, many female soldiers at the front undoubtedly wanted to have children with partners that they loved and who could be killed any minute.

These laws made it a crime to insult single women and shifted responsibility in the form of alimony payments for children out of wedlock from fathers to the state. This was a conscious policy aimed at offsetting the demographic crises that resulted from the war, as Mie Nakachi has convincingly shown The fate of soldiers returning pregnant presaged the new policies in which men had minimal responsibilities to children they fathered out of wedlock and many women faced shame in their home communities You walk and people point their fingers at you.

At first this irritated me. As Anna Krylova has shown, women were to become the healers of war wounds, both physical and psychological, creating or continuing families that would bring a return to prewar normalcy Several accounts point to a desire to see women in civilian clothing and even the military press took up this theme towards the end of the war Even Lt.

Colonel Kolchak, who worked so closely with and was immensely proud of his female snipers, could not decide:. The fighting qualities of the girls have been proven and no one can argue with them. But one could pose the question from another point of view: Does the country need such a sacrifice, because I think that few of these girls will become healthy mothers.

If the country needs such a sacrifice, then we need to send them not by the hundreds, but by the thousands, but if this is too costly, then we need to stop and think. Indeed, the services of female soldiers were generally seen as exceptional, while motherhood as something natural The ultimate conflict between motherhood, which had been established as the main duty of women before the war, and serving as a soldier played out in thousands of bunkers and ruins on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, as individuals negotiated an unclear policy that sent mixed messages.

Men, particularly commanders, were, in effect, told that relations with female soldiers would be tolerated, and some seem to have taken this to mean that they had a right to expect sex from their female subordinates. In this situation, female soldiers were confronted with two models of behavior, both of which could draw censure. This could lead to physical danger and the perception that they were strict and aloof in a situation in which unity and comradeship were key.

This would likely lead to pregnancy and a mix of reactions from comrades and family. If not, she could be seen as shirking her soldierly duty or as fulfilling a cause that was as or more noble than service — creating new life. In every case, clear definitions of what was right or wrong, natural or unnatural were not provided by the state and individuals reacted to a difficult situation and passed moral judgment on themselves and their comrades. This article would be much weaker without their input.

Research for this article was made possible by support from a Fulbright Institute of International Education Fellowship. X, op. Repina Atabek , K biografii voennogo pokoleniia , Moscow, Moskovskie uchebniki i Kartolitografiia, , p.

Hereafter, Atabek, her last name during the war. On the patriarchal model of military units see e. Garussiko, S. Reina Pennington has provided a detailed account of female pilots during and immediately after the war. Joshua Sanborn has shown how women in the ranks engendered fear of weakened men in the late-Imperial period. Barbara Alpern Engel has published and analyzed a fascinating interview with a frontline surgeon, using her as a microcosm to explore gendered war time experience, including the potentials for sexual predation from superiors.

Roger Reese has examined the mobilization and use of female cadres from the point of view of combat effectiveness, declaring their contribution to be vital to Red Army victory. Oleg Budnitskii has provided one of the most succinct, interesting and provocative studies of relations between the sexes in the Red Army, using exciting new sources and positing a veritable sexual revolution in Catherine Merridale has questioned the importance of gender to wartime experience, ranking it lower than other factors for the experience of soldiers in the Red Army.

Steven Jug has focused on masculinity during the war, his dissertation being the most systematic study of wartime masculinities in the Soviet case. Adrianne Harris has focused on representations of warrior-women in the war period and in remembering the war.

Building on these works, this article argues that gender was central to how female soldiers experienced the war. Female soldiers had to contend not only with standard military subordination, but also to negotiate gendered assumptions. This article draws minimally on memoirs and non-contemporary interviews, not due to an inherent distrust of these sources, but simply because much of the work that has been done on women in the Red Army relies on them.

A different source base — privileging wartime interviews and diaries alongside the wartime press that others have made use of has hopefully allowed for a new way of looking at this subject. Citations for works I mentioned above but not directly cited later: S. Aleksievich, U voini ne zhenskoe litso, Moscow, Vremia, ; W. Markwick, E. It was active during and immediately after the war, taking interviews with soldiers often on the frontlines themselves.

For a history of the Commission, see J. Dissertation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, , pp. Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 6. Yemelin, et al. Russkii Arkhiv: Velikaia Otechestvennaia T. She is young, has a nice figure but a coarse face. She has been in the army already six years, wounded twice. She served in the Finnish Campaign and in this war from the very beginning. In that time she became so crude, that it is simply horrible.

She swears, and freely says the most obscene words, and this is most disgusting. M-1, op. Kniazeva, op. See e. Goldman and D. Filtzer Eds. However, this does imply a certain fundamental difference between women and men, even when engaged in killing. Dissertation, University of Kansas, , p. Some soldiers, however, disagreed. See G. Atabek, op. Ilic ed. This occasionally led to gendered division of labor within a unit, see.

See also R. Text in italics crossed out in the original document. Atabek , op. Petrova, op. Kovalevskii, op. Kopelev, Khranit' vechno. Kniga 1, Moscow, Terra, , p. This is totally natural, when a man sleeps with a woman. But why punish those who sleep with women? Kopelev, op. See also B. Dombrowski ed. Budnitskii sites a similar, even more formalized practice in another unit. See O. Budnitskii, op. It is worth noting that similar, though less systematic, abuses of power have been noted in the modern US military, where sexual harassment and rape by higher ranking personnel is a major problem for female soldiers.

See, e. This was by no means unique to Russia, see e. Kenneth D. Budnitskii ed. Komskii, op. Kopelev, ibid. This could be seen as a perversion of the obshchestvennitsa model, a woman who distracts rather than supports her man and a negative, rather than positive model for subordinates to follow.

M-7, op. Petrova, ibid. Dunaevskaia describes in detail her pregnancy in the last months of the war and the bureaucratic difficulties she faced as a specialist trying to get demobilized. She also describes the horrifying death of a pregnant female soldier and her child in Given that many women were demobilized late in their term of pregnancy Dunaevskaia received leave only in her seventh month , pregnancy was by no means a guarantee of safety.

Dunaevskaia, ibid. Gerard J. De Groot, and C. Peniston-Bird, Eds. See J. I, op. De Groot et al. Brandon M. A humanities journal specialised in armed forces and military structures in post-Soviet societies.

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