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words continue after advertisement . According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related words for "sexual" are: fuck, sexuality. words continue after advertisement . According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related words for "sex" are: sexual, gender. Comprehensive list of synonyms for sexual activity, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Comprehensive list of synonyms for sexual activity, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus. Comprehensive list of synonyms for relating or referring to sex and sexual activity​, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus. words continue after advertisement . According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related words for "sexual" are: fuck, sexuality.

So how have people talked about sex throughout the past two centuries? To learn more, we've selected a list of 15 words related to sex, such as “sexual”. You can search for anything linked to sex and sexual health in our handy A-Z guide. Disclaimer: This collection of words is far more offensive than informative. Likewise, most of the absurd sex acts are illegal, impossible.

Disclaimer: This collection of words is far more offensive than informative. The slurs revolve around a wogds of categories: promiscuous women, homosexuals, and anyone sex acts like a dick, a pussy, or an asshole. Likewise, most of the absurd sex acts are illegal, impossible, or involve an unhealthy amount words urine, feces, or vomit. The cataloging of these words and phrases is in no way an endorsement of them.

Also, the list will continue to evolve, so please add your suggestions for additional words, alternate meanings, or corrections in the comments below. ABC Sex : In a long-term relationship when a couple only has sex on anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. Ablutophilia : Fetish for baths or related that usually centers around a naked person lathering themselves up. ABR : "Adult breast feeding. Relaetd : A aords for relatde genitals. Similar to: gynelophilous, hirsutophilia, hyphephilia, pubephilia, trichophilia.

Acrophilia : A fetish for relatex sex in high places such as on mountains or rooftops. Some members of the mile high club have this fetish. Acucullophilia : A fetish, or preference, for circumcised sex. Acousticophilia : A fetish involving sounds. This can include such seex as being aroused by music or a partner's moaning. Actirasty : A fetish words sun exposure. This is often a fetish of worda, fans of outdoor sex, or those who only date really tan people.

Adolescentilism : A fetish for acting, wwords, or being related like an adolescent. Agalmatophilia : A fetish for a human-like doll, mannequin, or statue. This does not include the use of sex dolls merely as surrogates for real partners. Similar to pygmalionism.

Age Play : A type of fetishistic role-playing in which people pretend to be substantially older or younger than they are. Includes fetishes like adolescentilism and infantilism. Agonophiliac : A fetish for violence or fighting as foreplay. Men with this fetish are often fans of pornographic scenes that feature wrestling or rough sex. Agoraphilia : A fetish for sex in public places. People with this fetish are often exhibitionists or people who get aroused by the thrill of potentially getting caught.

Agrexophilia : A fetish for words other people know about your sexual activities. This can include people worrds agoraphilia, those who like to have loud sex, exhibitionists, people who like to put their homemade sex tapes eords, or those who simply like to brag about their conquests. Air Inflation : One of the most common types of inflation fetish. This usually involves the fantasy of inflating a sex with a bicycle pump to a comically large size.

Some practitioner of this fetish enjoy pumping air into their partner's anus to create a bulging belly and a feeling of fullness, though this practice is not without risk. Airtight : When a woman is simultaneously penetrated by penises in her mouth, vagina, and anus. Allorgasmia : A fetish for fantasizing about someone other than your current partner. A wordw sex among sex couples. Allotriorasty : A fetish for sex partners of related race, ethnicity, or nationality.

This is common among women who are attracted to accents. This fetish is likely connected to the need to keep a community's gene pool words. Alpha Male relxted A dominant male. Words leader of a group of males who generally has first choice when it comes to selecting potential mates from a group of females.

In younger males, dominance is often related to physical dominance or an aggressive personality. In older men, dominance is expressed in terms of aords, power, and control. Synonyms: big dicker, stud.

Alphmegamia : A fetish for older men. This is a common fetish among women as mate sex for females is less impacted by the age of a potential mate than by his status.

Altocalciphilia : A fetish for high heels. Common among those with a wordz fetish. Synonyms: retifism. Alvinolagnia A fetish for stomachs. Likely linked to the importance of wide hips when it comes to natural childbirth. Synonyms: partialism. Amaurophilia : A fetish for not being seen worrs sex. This usually involves turning off the lights or eords a partner. Related peeping toms related fans of glory holes have this fetish. Synonyms: agnosexual, happy shopper, trisexual.

Anaclitism : An erotic fixation on the objects one was exposed relatrd as an infant, such as anal thermometers, bibs, bottles, pacifiers. Similar to: autonepiophilia, infantilism. Anal Beads : A class of sex toy consisting of balls of various size strung together on a string or a sex rod. Pleasure is not as words derived from the insertion of these beads, as delated their extraction. Despite how tempting it may be, anal beads should not be ripped out with the same enthusiasm with which one yanks the cord of seex lawnmower.

Anal Bleaching : A cosmetic procedure in which chemicals or lasers are used to lighten the darker skin around the anus in order to make it match the lighter skin of the buttock. The process originated with female porn performers before seeping into mainstream populations in the early s with the rise of free, online realted.

Analingus : Oral sex performed on the anus. Anal Sex : ass fuck, ass sex, brown holing, bugger, bum fuck, butt bang, butt fuck, corn holing, digging a ditch, dipping a finger in the fudge, DNA dick in assfishing for mudfish, fourth base, fudge packing, going down the dirt road, Greeking, hump the dump, lube the tube, making pound words, packing fudge, pack the poop chute, painal, plan B, popping it in the toaster, pumper in the dumper, pushing shit up hill, ram job, ream, rectify, rump raid, saddle up, shit fuck, stir wordx, third way, traveling the Hershey Highway, using the servant's entrance These are the relatfd that must be relaxed during anal sex.

These are also the wordds that sex be surgically rdlated after extreme anal play. Anaphrodisiac : A substance that reduces one's sexual appetite. The opposite of an aphrodisiac.

Anchor Baby : The child born in the US to immigrant parents who hope the child's American status will help win them citizenship.

Related term can also refer to a pregnancy that anchors a couple together, or guarantees one of the parents a substantial child support payment each month. Androidism : A fetish for humanoid robots. Similar to agalmatophilia and Pygmalionism. Andromimetophilia : When a woman is sexually aroused by dressing, acting, or being treated like a man.

This causes semen to erupt from related nostrils while she roars like a irate, fire-breathing monster. This causes her to hobble around on one leg with one eye covered while grunting and cursing like a sailor.

Animism : A belief that objects or animals have spirits and that humans can connect with these spirits, often in sexual ways. Synonyms: objectiphile, objectum sexual. Anophelorastia : A fetish for ravaging a partner. People with this fetish are often fans of extremely rough porn. Anorgasmic : A sexual dysfunction in which a person cannot reach sexual climax.

More common in females. Aquaophilia : A fetish for water that wex far beyond enjoying sex on the beach or in a hot tub. Arm Candy : A person who rellated dated for her superficial beauty as opposed to her substance. Arm candy is most often a status symbol employed by older bachelors to demonstrate their prowess.

Around the World : When the woman spins degrees atop her partner while maintaining penetration. Ideally this is performed in related motion. Similar to DSLs. Ass Job : When a man rubs his penis between a set of ass cheeks. Like titty fucking, but with an ass and no penetration. Ass Quake : 1. A bouncing ass substantial enough to shake the floor. Often used to praise a thick dancer's skills. Ass State : An estate of ass.

A piece of property paid for by sex appeal. Often refer's to the home of a model, stripper, or porn star. Ass Tray : An ass large enough to serve as a tray for rolling weed or snorting lines of cocaine. Asstronaut, Arstronaut : The first person to have anal sex with an anal virgin.

Autagonistophilia : A fetish for having others sex relater you, particularly while naked or engaging in sexual acts. As opposed to exhibitionists who get off on exposing themselves to relzted words, a person words this fetish creates situations in which other people may see her nakedlike sun bathing nude or changing in front of an open window.

Bathykolpian : Deep-bosomed. Bat Wing : When a man stretches his scrotum out to resemble a bat's wing. A common move in the ball game. Basket Weaving : When a man rearranges his genitals in attempt to make them fit more comfortably in a snug garment. Bastard : 1. A child that is born out of wedlock or who is abandoned by at least one parent. An offensive person. Bedfellow, Bedmate : One who shares a bed, though not necessarily in a sexual context.

Beer Goggles : An alcohol-induced point of view, in which everyone appears more attractive. Among other things, alcohol impairs one's ability to judge the symmetry of a face, which plays an important role in attraction as a symmetrical face conveys superior genetics. Similar: queer goggles. Bezness Boys : Male prostitutes in Maraco who hang around the beaches and service Western tourists. Synonyms: gigolo, himbo, man whore, midnight cowboy. Biastophilia : A sexual disorder in which arousal is derived from the thought or act of assaulting another, often in a sexual manner.

Bisexual : A person who is sexually attracted to both sexes. Bishop : A penis, particularly one belonging to a man who believes in the virtues of abstinence. Bitch Slap : A slap, particularly one delivered to a hysterical man or woman. Synonyms: pimp slap. Often a result of obesity, steroids, a hormonal imbalance, or Klinefelter's Syndrome. Synonymy: man boobs, moobs. Blessing : An allegedly accidental pregnancy that a woman decides to keep because, in addition to filling her with your devil seed, your penis also inspired her to find religion.

Blue Balls : An irritable psychological state achieved when a man is aroused for an extended period of time without reaching an orgasm. Despite what some adolescent males believe, your balls do not actually turn blue. Blue Waffle : A blue tinted and infected vagina, made popular by asshole friends convincing their buddies to google the term.

Blumpkin : Fellatio performed while a man is defecating. Often used in fetish play as a form of degradation. Body Inflation : Being sexually aroused by the fantasy of physically expanding yourself, or others. This fetish often involves wearing inflation devices under your clothes or fat suits.

Boi : Often used in both lesbian and bdsm culture to denote a boyish but female-bodied person. Sometimes also refers to young gay men. Bombshell, Blonde Bombshell : Before the term "sex symbol" was popularized, bombshell referred to sexual icons of American pop culture in the mid to late s. Such women were often characterized as having hourglass figures, pronounced curves, large breasts, and the early ones were typically blonde.

Ex: Marilyn Monroe is the quintessential Blonde Bombshell. Synonyms: Pin-up girl. Bondage : Fetish play in which a submissive partner is physically restrained. Often refers to a woman who is more into fetish as a fashion than a lifestyle, or a fetish model who only participates in fetishistic acts for pay.

Boner : Erection. Booty Call : 1. Calling a fuck buddy for sex. Often occurs when the bars close and you have not found anyone else willing to have sex with you. Your fuck buddy. Bosom Buddy : Friends who are so close that it is as though they breast-fed from the same woman.

The phrase commonly refers to heterosexual male friends who are often mistaken for a homosexual couple. Bottom : 1. A sex partner who is submissive to a dominant partner or who is penetrated by the top. Also, the one who lures other women into the lifestyle. Bottom Surgery, : Sexual-reasignment surgery, SRS, that involves the reconstruct of a person's genitals to more accurately reflex the genitals of the sex they identify with. This is different from top surgery, which is only the conversion of a transsexual's chest.

Brazilian, Brazilian Bikini Wax : In general, any bikini wax in which hair is removed from the asshole. Specifically, this usually refers to a bikini wax in which a vertical stripe of short hair is left extending up from the vagina.

Synonyms: landing strip, paintbrush,. Breast Expansion : A growth fetish often related to fetishes for weight gain or inflation. Enthusiasts enjoy watching breasts increase in size, often by means of animation or by saline injections.

Breast Implants : Synonyms: boob job, breast augmentation, breast enhancement, flotation devices, implants, stress balls Breast Man : A guy who's obsession with breasts goes far beyond that of the average male. Breeder : 1. A person with many offspring. Bros before Hoes : A colloquialism expressing the idea that the interests of your guy friends should come before the needs of the woman you are currently having sex with.

Brothel : Synonyms: birdcage, bordello, cathouse, fish market, flesh market, fucktory, girlery, house of ill repute, ladies college, nunnery, poontang plantation, red-light house, whorehouse. Brown Bagger, Brown Bag Special : A person who you would only have sex with if she wore a bag over her head to hide her hideous face or to discourage her from talking. Synonym: Butter face. Brownnoser : Sycophant. Synonyms: ass licker, ass muncher, bootlicker, brownnoser, kiss ass, toady,.

Brown Out : A state of drunkenness one level below a black out. One can only recall the events of a brown out after someone else mentions them.

Bugger : Anal sex or bestiality. In the UK the term is similar to sodomy in that it is a catchall for deviant sex. Burlesque : An artful strip tease often set to music and involving elaborate costumes, stage props, and feathers. Now burlesque shows are typically conservative strip teases meant to appeal to other women who have an interest in tattoos and rockabilly culture.

Burlesque troops tend to enroll thick, and often heavily tattooed women, who believe they are superior to strippers. Unlike strippers, burlesque performers do not typically make a living off of performing. Often related to fetishes for farting, feeding, or vore. Butch : a lesbian who adopts the dress and mannerisms of a man.

She often assumes the more masculine role in a relationship. Synonyms: ass pirate, ass bandit. Butt Plug : Usually a short, squatty sex toy inserted in an asshole to loosen up the sphincter before anal sex. Butter Face : A woman with an attractive body but an unappealing face. Pronounced, "but her face," as in, "That woman has a sexy body but her face looks like a donkey's. Butt Fucker : Anyone who enjoys anal sex. Usually refers to a gay man.

Cad : A man who aggressively pursues his self interests, particularly when it comes to sex, with little regard for others. Not the man a woman wants to date, but the rogue she subconsciously wants to have sex with, particularly when she is ovulating.

Synonyms: alpha male, rogue, rake, rascal, scoundrel, scalawag. Cage Fetish : A fetish for being confined to a small space. This often manifests as a sub being locked in a cage, box, or a closet.

Camel Toe : A vagina wedgy. A common occurrence among large women who wear small clothes. The Cardinal George : Any form of outercourse or frottage. Origins: Named after the Archbishop of Chicago, Francis Eugene George, who is outspoken in his opposition to gay marriage. Carpet Muncher : A lesbian as opposed to bugs that feed on actual carpet. Casting Couch : Couch or space where women are coaxed into having sex by being promised a job, particularly a role in a movie or porno.

Catcher : The receiving partner during anal sex. Usually refers to the bottom in a gay couple. Catheterophila : A fetish for having catheters inserted. Cat String Theory : The idea that women are only interested in men they cannot pin down or corner, in the same way a cat is only interested in playing with a string so long as it is dangling just out of the animal's reach.

Origins: Erik Von Markovik. In humans, this often refers to cutting off the penis as well. Castration Fetish : A body modification paraphilia for being castrated, for castrating others, or for people who are castrated.

Some people who have their sexual organs removed still have a fully functional sex life when they go on hormone replacement therapy. Cat O' Nine Tails : A multi-tailed whip , often used in fetish play. Caverject : The brand name for an injectable drug used to stimulate an erection. Used by some cock stars when they begin to have trouble performing during porn scenes.

Champagne Room : A private room in a strip club that can be rented out for extended periods of time, and which often comes with a complimentary bottle of champagne. Despite what a stripper tells you, and the inflated cost of renting such a room, there is no sex in the champagne room, unless of course you are in a brothel or a seedy strip club.

Charity : Engaging in sexual activity with someone who will get far more out of the experience than you will. Chastity Belt : A medieval device that forcibly guards a woman's virginity. These usually resemble metal underwear locked around a woman's waist. Small slits in the metal strips allow the woman to perform various bodily function, but these are not large enough to admit a penis. Similar: see male chastity belt. Cheese Log : The result of using Cheeze Whiz as anal lube.

Chemical Castration : Medication intended to reduce a man's overactive libido without actually castrating him. Often administered to sex addicts and sex offenders. More specifically, the hymen, which is often ruptured during vaginal penetration. Chick-fil-A : When a man is penetrated anally by a dildo , usually worn as a strap-on by his female lover.

Synonyms: pegging. Chicks with Dicks : Pre-op male-to-female transsexuals. Choker : 1. A large penis. A collar often worn in the BDSM scene to signify ownership in much the same way a wedding ring does in the vanilla community.

These collars are often used on submissive partners during fetishistic acts. Choreophilia : A fetish for dancing, or dry humping on the dance floor, to climax. Chrematistophilia : A fetish for paying for sex, or for being robbed or blackmailed by a sex partner.

Chubby Chaser : One who actively pursues obese sex partners because he genuinely is attracted to them or because he believes they are easier to coax into having sex. Synonyms: hogger, whaler, whalesman. Chuffnuts : 1. Synonyms: barnacles, dingle berries, klingons. Cinnamon Muff : A vagina covered in light red pubic hair. Synonyms: fire crotch. Origins: Zach Galifianakis. Cisgender : When a person's body does not match their gender.

Clitoris, Clit : the bundle of nerve endings at the hood of the vagina that can produce an orgasm when properly stimulated. Some men believe it to be a myth. Porn star , Vanessa Del Rio, was notorious for her enlarged clitoris after she took steroids to build muscle. Synonyms: button, man in the canoe, nub. Cloaca : 1. An anatomical feature in some animals, that is the only opening for the intestinal, urinary, and genital tracts. Basically an asshole, urethra, and vagina all rolled into one.

Common in amphibians, birds, reptiles, and monotremes. An outhouse. A sewer. Closet Freak : One who inhabits an alter-ego during sex that is in stark contrast to her public persona. Synonyms: a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.

Cluster Fuck : 1. An orgy. A disorganization of people and bodies. Often used to describe traffic jams or a mess that must be sorted out. Cock : 1. A man who behaves like a dick.

The type of torture is only limited by a dominate partner's imagination and can involve any number of things: stomping, flicking, pinching, burning, clothes pins, scratching, stretching, piercing, pulling, shocking, flattening, nailing.

Cock Block : 1. Preventing a couple from having sex. The jealous and evil person who performs such a nefarious act. Cock Hungry : Possessing a powerful sexual appetite for sex with men, as opposed to one specific man. Cock Ring : A ring that is slipped over an erection to the base of the penis in order to slow the loss of blood, thus maintaining an erection longer.

These sex toys are made out of a variety of materials, including metal and rubber. While these sex toys can turn small men into cock stars, they often dull the sensation to the point of causing the man to lose his erection.

Coerce : Persuading a person to do something against her will, or without her consent. Coke Dick : An inability to achieve or maintain an erection due to an abundance of cocaine in the system. Similar: Whiskey Dick. Commando : The act of not wearing underwear beneath your clothes.

Community Bike : A promiscuous woman. Everyone gets to ride her. Synonyms: slut, doorknob. Condom : Origins: From the Latin "condon," meaning "receptacle. Condom Dispenser : A promiscuous woman, albeit a promiscuous woman who brings her own condoms. Congenital Hypoplasia : When the penile glands are stuck to the pubic bone, resulting in a micropenis. Conjugal : Of or related to marriage. Most often used in the phrase, "conjugal visit," which refers to when a prisoner is allowed to have sex with his significant other.

Consensual : An activity that is done with the full agreement of all parties involved. Often what separates sex acts from sex crimes. Copesmate : A partner with whom you cope, or struggle.

A lover with whom you regularly fight. Coprophilia : A fetish for playing with, handling, or rubbing human feces on oneself. Cosplay : "Costume play. Coulrophilia : A fetish for clowns or other types of street performers. Synonyms: Bozophilia, clown paraphilia. Counting Games : While being spanked, flogged, or whipped, the submissive partner is required to keep count of the number of strikes.

Cougar : A woman who is beyond her physical prime, and who is often far more sexually aggressive in order to compete with younger women for men. Cougars often hunt younger men, or cubs, exclusively to fulfill their sexual desires as opposed to searching for a marital partner. Courtship, Courting, Court : The period in a relationship preceding marriage. The mating ritual of western culture in which a male wooes a woman.

Cowgirl : A standard sex position in which the woman rides atop the man who lies flat on his back. Creampie : How babies are made, which is probably why it is such a popular fetish.

When not specified as an oral or anal creampie, this refers to ejaculating inside a vagina. Creeping : Cheating. Crop Dusting : Farting while you pass a group of people. Often used as a tactic to get a group to leave an area or table. Cross-Dresser : Usually, a heterosexual man who has a fetish for dressing in women's clothes. Synonyms: transvestite. Cross-Eyed Fetish : A fetish for people who are cross-eyed. Rene Descrates was rumored to be attracted to women who were cross-eyed.

Crushing Fetish : A fetish for watching small insects or animals being crushed to death. Cuckold : 1. A man whose wife or girlfriend has sex with other men. A fetish in which men enjoy watching their female partner having sex with other men, particularly men who are more physically imposing. Synonyms: cornuto. Origins: From the cuckoo bird, which changes mates frequently and lays eggs in other birds' nests. Cum Bubble : A bubble of semen that sometimes emerges from the nostrils, mouth, vagina or ass after semen coats these orifices.

Cum Fart : Farting out semen after anal sex. Cum Inflation : A version of inflation fetish in which a person fantasizes about pumping so much semen into a sex partner that her body bulges and swells with male ejaculate. Cum Target : 1. A tattoo on a man or woman that serves no better purpose than a target to aim at while ejaculating.

A promiscuous woman or gay man. Cunnilingus : Oral sex performed on a vagina. Cunt Rag : 1. A Tampon or period pad. A person who is comparable to a used Tampon. Cupping : A type of sadomasochistic play derived from a healing practice in ancient Chinese medicine.

Typically the dom uses a flame to remove the oxygen from a glass cup. The cup is then quickly placed on the sub's skin. The vacuum sucks the skin into the glass, creating a large, hickey-like mark. Cutting Fetish : Sexual pleasure is derived from inflicting cuts on oneself or a sex partner.

Cyber Sex : Like phone sex except on the computer, often with a person who in no way matches the cyber-identity he assumes. Dacryphilia : A fetish for witnessing others cry. Often a fetish of sadists who enjoy dominating submissive partners to the point of tears.

Daddy : A dominant partner who is significantly older or who provides for the submissive partner in a variety of ways.

Daisy Chain : In an orgy when participants become physically linked in a string of sex acts. Often a feature of a bisexual orgy. Dandy : A gay man who is excessively stylish and perpetually worried about his appearance.

Danglers : Excessively droopy labia minora. Synonyms: bacon stripes, beef curtains,. Debauchee : One who routinely engages in vice, particularly of the sexual variety. Synonyms: libertine, rake, roue. Defecate : Synonyms: drop a bomb, drop a load, drop the kids off at the pool, dump, make a deposit, pinch a loaf, poop, pop a squat, take a dump, take a shit,. Degradation : A fetish for being psychologically degraded, or degrading a partner.

Synonyms: erotic humiliation. Demimonde : A class of women known to be more promiscuous than the general population. Origins: a french word once used to describe prostitutes. Dendrophilia : A fetish for having sex with trees. Dental Dam : A piece of latex or rubber stretched over a vagina or asshole during oral sex in order to prevent the transmission of STDs. One can be made by slicing a condom down the side and stretching the latex.

Plastic wrap is a pour substitute, but it is better than nothing. Devil's Threesome : A threesome involving two men and one woman.

This is not the type of threesome most men fantasize about, but it is what most settle for. Devotee : A person with a a fetish for disabled people. The two most common fetishes devotees have are abasiophilia and acrotomophilia. Diaper Fetish : A common prop incorporated into age play or fetishes for infantilism, scat, watersports, humiliation, dominance, helplessness Some believe this fetish develops early in life, when a child associates diapers with being loved and coddled.

Extreme diaper fetishists make themselves incontinent so that they need to wear diapers constantly. Dick : 1. A man who behaves as if he does all his thinking with his penis. Dick Beater : An obsessive masturbator. Dick Cheese : Smegma, which often accumulates under the foreskins of uncircumcised men. So names as it looks and smells like rotten cheese.

Dick Hole : 1. The hole at the head of the penis through which fluids flow. An orifice that may be penetrated by a dick. Dick Lips : As opposed to someone who has dick-shaped lips, the word refers to someone whose lips look ideal for being wrapped around a dick. Synonyms: DSLs. Dick Slap : Slapping another person, usually in the cheek, with a dick. Often a derogatory act done during rough fellatio. Can also be performed with a dildo. Dick Sucking : Fellatio. Dick-Tinted Glasses : A mindset that makes you see the world in terms of penises.

Commonly worn by feminists who see phallic symbols in everything, construction workers who can turn any tool into a dick joke, pubescent boys, and promiscuous women. Dictator : A penis shaped like a potato that exercises total control over his dominion. Origins: Will Ferrell. Dildo : Any phallic object used to penetrate the body in order to achieve sexual pleasure. Usually a sex toy made out of rubber, plastic, or glass.

A dildo can be a vibrator , but not all vibrators are dildos. Generally though, dildos do not vibrate. Dime Piece : On a scale of , a woman who rates as a perfect 10 in terms of physical beauty. Usage: "I think I will just dine in tonight. Dingle Berries : Particles of excrement that cling to ass hair after a fart or as a result of inefficient ass wiping.

Synonyms: barnacles, chuffnuts, klingons. Diphallia : A medical condition in which a man has two penises. It occurs in approximately 1 in every 5. See The Double Dick Dude. Dippoldism : A fetish, or paraphilia, in which pleasure is derived from spanking or physically abusing another person. Dirty Harry : A cock that is filthy and surrounded by a mane of pubic hair and possibly featuring a prominent mole , that is still sexually appealing dues to its overt masculinity.

Dirty Swirly : While penetrating someone from behind in the bathroom, you dip her head in the toilet and flush. Discipline : 1. When a dominant partner trains a submissive on fetish protocol. Punishment inflicted on a submissive for disobedience. Disco Stick : A dick on the dance floor, or one belonging to a man with rhythm. Origins: Lady Gaga's song, "Love Game. Dishabille : To be carelessly dressed, or partially undressed.

The state of one's clothes right before or after sex. Origins: From the French word meaning "to undress. Dishonorable Discharge : When a man ejaculates in a shameful manner. This can include premature ejaculation or reaching climax while masturbating to embarrassing porn just as another person walks in the room. Divorce : "From the Latin word meaning to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet.

DJ Diddles : When a person works a woman's clitoris like a turn table, constantly searching for the perfect rhythm. Origins: Dane Cook. Doggy Style : A common sex act in which the man penetrates his partner from behind. So named as it is as difficult to keep nuts in an ass as it is to hold two dog in a bathtub.

Dog Training : When a submissive partner is treated like a dog. A common form of role playing in BDSM. Dog Treat : Slathering peanut butter on your genitals then having your dog lick it off. The Dolphin : An absurd sex act in which the man starts off penetrating the woman from behind. Then, without any warning, he harpoons his dick into her ass, causing her to make an "eek eek" sound, not unlike a dolphin's distress call. The woman will then flop around in bed like a dolphin desperate to get back into the safety of the sea.

Dominant : The partner who enjoys control in a fetishistic relationship. Synonyms: daddy, dominatrix, master, top,. Dominatrix : A female dominant in a fetishistic relationship. Donkey Punch : An absurd sex act in which a man punches his partner in the back of the head as he reaches climax in order to make her muscles tighten.

Donkey Show : The mythic show that occurs in seedy bars of developing countries in which a woman is penetrated by a donkey. Doorknob : 1 Slut. Everyone gets a turn.

Synonyms: community bike. A butt plug shaped like a doorknob. Double Coyote Ugly : When you chew off the arm that is trapped under a troll's sleeping body in order to escape her layer, then you chew off your other arm to keep the troll from identifying you as the one-armed man who fulfilled all of her troll fantasies. Double Sided Dildo : A double headed dildo meant for simultaneous insertion by two people. Double Bagger : A partner who is so promiscuous that you assume she has an STD , or who would have your child if she gets pregnant , but who is still attractive enough to risk having sex with.

Synonym: two bagger. Double Bagging : Wearing two condoms for extra protection against contracting an STD or having an unplanned pregnancy with a promiscuous woman.

Ironically, the friction between the two condoms actually makes them more likely to break. Double Bedder : 1. Having sex twice in one day with two different people. A sex partner so attractive that you want to have sex with her twice in the same night, or with two mattresses beneath you to absorb the massive pounding you want to give her.

Double Header : 1. Having sex with two people in one day. A 69 with two men. A woman who starts you off with felatio, has sex with you, then finishes you off with her mouth.

Women two people perform fellatio on the same man. Douche : Flushing out a vagina or ass with a solution meant to mask various odors and tastes.

Douche Bag : An asshole who tries to mask his inner filthiness through superficial means: flashy clothes, too much cologne, steroid muscles Down Low, DL : 1.

Keeping an affair low key in order to avoid detection. A homosexual who is reserved when it comes to who he opens up to about being gay. Synonyms: sandwich. Drag Queen : A man who adopts a female persona as a stage act. Drag queens cover every area of the transgendered spectrum, from cross-dressers to transsexuals. Drilldo : A sex machine made by attaching a dildo to the end of a drill, creating a sex toy that can spin at a dangerously fast rate.

Dry Humping : What two people do when they have yet to figure out how to have sex. Synonyms: Outercourse. She joins the group of hot girls to meet men who would otherwise be inaccessible. Her friends allow her in the group as she makes them look better by contrast and she provides someone to make fun of behind her back. When approaching a group with a DUFF, guys should always have a "janitor" available to take out the trash.

Dust Under the Bed : Sex so good it spills onto the floor. Sex so thorough and complete, you do not miss a thing. Dutch : When both partners pay their part on a date. Usage: Asking a woman to go dutch on a date is a great way to ensure there will never be a second date. Many of the most frequent nearby words are clinical and anatomical in nature, such as erect , duct , blood , testicles , and scrotum , and it also appears in sentences referring to sexual organs in general, alongside vagina and clitoris.

Thanks to Freud, penis envy is a common phrase, and mother issues sometimes arise when discussing male sexuality. Additionally, there are books for children that explain what a father does with a mother to produce a baby. In the 19th century, pornography was a rare term and meant strictly writing about prostitution , although prostitution only makes its first appearance in this list during the s because the word pornography was not often used before that time.

Internet pornography becomes a concern in the mids, and as ancient art is viewed through a modern lens, it begins to be described as 18th- or 19th- century pornography. Sadistic pornography is troubling to those who are anti-pornography , especially when it is hard- core a word that was usually hyphenated when it first appeared and was later concatenated to a single word. Prostitution is one of the few sex-related words that was commonly used early in the 19th century: It has been associated with houses of prostitution and gambling , opposed by religious leaders and legalized in some places.

Thus, all the words in the corpus that most frequently appear in proximity are equally clinical words, ranging from mucus to muscles. Virginity is one of the rare sex-related words that the 19th century was not afraid to speak about, although it only gained correlated words in the 20th century as it began to be used in a less general sense.

The religious nature of much literature led to Mary being held up as an example of purity; four of the 10 words, however, are lost , lose , loss , and loses — perhaps from people describing the manner in which they lost their virginity, or showing that reality fell short of that ideal for a bride before marriage.

Joe is a statistical fluke, being a common name in the early s when some authors, such as Nabokov, were dismissing 19th-century mores, as are even and mutual. Like homosexual , changing the word slightly creates a totally different top 10 list of associated words. The form virgin , referring to a single person rather than the state of virginity , results in only religious terms: Mary , holy , islands , blessed , birth , coronation , soil , born , saints , and feast.

Making it plural changes it to mostly real-life virgins : vestal from Roman mythology , young , eleven from the story of St. Ursula , girls , certain , paradise , specializes in literature about teenage boys who prefer inexperienced sex partners , babies , ripe , and angels. We used the log-likelihood method to compare how often the neighboring words occur within 10 words of the search term to how often they occur in the entire corpus, to produce a measure of the significance p-value of each neighboring word appearing near the search term.

We took the 10 words with the highest keyness and calculated how often they occur as a neighboring word to each appearance of the search term and charted that value over time e. During some years, particularly early in the corpus, a given search term appears but none of the top 10 most significant neighboring words do; this occurs when the most significant neighboring words in that year were not in the top 10 overall.

This happens more frequently in earlier years of the corpus because, with some exceptions, words used in modern contexts tend to have been used less often in the past and so had a fewer number of unique neighboring words.

Additionally, words tend to be used in an increasingly specific context over time such as gay changing from a more general meaning of happy to a more specific meaning of homosexual and thus become more associated with specific neighboring words. Feel free to share, repost and discuss the images and results found on this page freely. When doing so, we ask that you attribute the creators by linking to Zava and providing your readers with a link to this page, so that they may learn more about this research and access all available assets.

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Masters, Virginia E. Johnson, Robert C. Examples: Sexual intercourse is a common phrase that is still present today as a polite way of referring to this aspect of human behavior.

An interesting and common phenomenon occurs in the late s: A hyphenated word, bi-sexual COHA considers hyphenated words to be two words , is introduced into the vocabulary to explain a concept that was previously unrecognised.

At that time, however, bi-sexual did not refer to the genders of sex partners but to conditions of intersex development. Sexual hospitality was a briefly popular term in the s as anthropologists described the unfamiliar sexual practices of some of the last people in the Pacific and Amazon as they were contacted by Western civilisation for the first time.

Sexual intercourse and sexual relations have always been popular as polite phrases, and the more modern terms sexual harassment and sexual compulsivity have emerged in the last few decades. It is a subject that every college man does consider in one way or another, but often ignorantly, or under unwise guidance. Lesson remarks, regarded in the light of a ceremony partaking of a religious character.

Calverton, The Making of Man , You can click words for definitions. Sorry if there's a few unusual suggestions! The algorithm isn't perfect, but it does a pretty good job for common-ish words. Here's the list of words that are related to another word :. As you've probably noticed, words related to " term " are listed above. Hopefully the generated list of term related words above suit your needs.

There are some problems that I'm aware of, but can't currently fix because they are out of the scope of this project. The main one is that individual words can have many different senses meanings , so when you search for a word like mean , the engine doesn't know which definition you're referring to "bullies are mean " vs.

Related Words runs on several different algorithms which compete to get their results higher in the list. One such algorithm uses word embedding to convert words into many dimensional vectors which represent their meanings.

The vectors of the words in your query are compared to a huge database of of pre-computed vectors to find similar words.