Sex on period

Sex while on period: possible consequences

Can I have sex during my period? Can I get pregnant during my period? By Attia @ Planned Parenthood | Oct. 28, , p.m.. Category. Unless you're especially squeamish, there's no need to avoid. Experts — as well as men and women who love period sex — share how to make sex during your menstrual cycle more enjoyable.

Having sex while on period has its advantages and disadvantages. Learn all about them, and find some expert tips on how to have sex on your period in our. Just because you're having your period doesn't mean you have to forego sexual activity. For some women, sex during menstruation can be. Yes, you can. However, some people may feel uncomfortable having sex during a woman's monthly period because it can be messy, and the presence of blood.

Period sex can be amazing, but it can also be messy. If you prepare, you don't have to ruin your sheets to have it. Here are some tips to reduce. Unless you're especially squeamish, there's no need to avoid. Unless you're especially squeamish, there's no need to avoid sexual activity during your period. Though period sex can be a bit messy, it is.

Period sex is like pizza: If you want it, you deserve it. You're a human being whose sexual needs don't switch off when blood starts coming out of you.

If sex during your period really isn't your thing, though, that's cool too — more on that ahead. We rounded up seven things you should know sex period sex, including insight from experts, to help period make that time of the month even more enjoyable.

Read on, bleed on, and get period to your heart's content. Pwriod makes sex better, end of story. Buying lube simply means you're an adult who understands sex feels better slippery. However, along with usual vaginal wetness, your period fluids can act as an added bonus. It's not gross; it's natural. Menstrual "blood" is more than just blood — it's thickened endometrial cells married with blood from uterine arteries. It's actually a pretty great consistency for sex. Some tend to find their libidos period highest at around the time they ovulate, while some say they notice heightened arousal during their periods or right before.

If you fall into the "gotta have it" camp while menstruating, rad, get it on. Concerned your partner won't be into it? Ask them. Sex take it from someone who has had plenty of sex with people of all genders: People are generally pretty excited about an opportunity to get laid, period or no period. In fact, your period peroid very well turn them on. There's something primal about the blood: Esx are messy to start with, which can allow all parties to tap into their zex nature.

To sex mess, you can period put a towel underneath you and your partner. If you want to get a little fancy, you can even sex in a period "sex blanket" designed to absorb liquids — Liberator makes a great one.

Shower sex is another good option for cleaning period while you get it on. The same rules apply to period sex as they do for any sex. Not sex it? Don't do it. Research suggests that people who menstruate are may be horniest sex ovulationwhich takes place right in the middle of your cycle, rather than at the end of the cycle when you get your period. If you sex cranky and bloated during your period, how about requesting a massage from your partner as a way to enjoy intimate touch without straight-up sex?

You can also turn to the pros to alleviate symptoms: Some spas, such as Perkod Massage in Brooklyn, even offer special massages designed to ease period pains. What's more, sometimes waiting to have sex makes it so much better when you do. While it's less likely, you can still get pregnant during this time. So don't forget about contraception during period sex. Likelihood of pregnancy depends on the length of your menstrual cycle. Sperm can live inside of you for up to five days.

If you have a shorter cyclethat means those suckers could still be around come ovulation — specifically, if you have sex at the end of your bleeding and period ovulate early. Sometimes what you peroid think is a period is actually mid-cycle spotting. What's more, it's just as important to protect against STIs during peroid period as at any other time of the month with a method such as condoms.

If your partner has a penis, I hope to goddess they sex using your period as an excuse to get a week of blowjobs while disregarding your pleasure. If you're into it, and so is your partner, there's no reason you can't get eaten out while menstruating. Sex fact, some people are really turned on by periox down on someone on period period, Richmond says. If your partner focuses period tongue on the clit, you can also receive oral while they avoid the blood.

You can keep your tampon or menstrual cup in if you like. The Flex menstrual cup was even designed with mess-free period sex in mind. It bears repeating that you should practice the same safer sex practices while on your period as you would any time of the month. If you're in a monogamous relationship, have both been tested, and don't use condoms, there's no reason to pull out the rubbers unless your partner doesn't want blood on their penis.

If you don't know each other's STI status, please stick with condoms, especially since Shepherd says that some research shows period sex may have a higher STI transmission rate. Yes, period cramps are very real and can be mega painful. Thankfully, one pain-killing activity doesn't have to cost a thing: having an orgasm. Want an orgasm, but don't feel like dealing with another human?

That's what masturbation and vibrators are for. While no one should ever shame sex for wanting to have sex that time of the month, you know for certain that a vibrator never will. Think of period fluids as extra lube. Keywords sex health periods period sex advice sex tips.

If you experience symptoms such as cramping, feelings of sadness, or depression during your period, having sex at this time may be beneficial. Women who have endometriosis , on the other hand, may experience more pain and other symptoms when they have their period, as well as pain that occurs with sexual activity or orgasm.

Talk to your doctor as soon as possible; the earlier you speak up, the sooner you can feel better and enjoy sex again.

You may feel more sexually aroused and sensitive during this time of the month because of the changes in your hormone levels. Some women experience an increased feeling of congestion in the pelvic area, which can also ramp up your sex drive. But for some women, this extra sensitivity may make it uncomfortable to have sex during this time.

The bottom line is to make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable with the situation. Simon says. By subscribing you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Health Topics. You may have heard that ibuprofen may delay your period, but the dose needed would be so high that no doctor would advise you to do this: high doses of anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen can be harmful to your stomach lining. Is it safe to have sex on your period? Any time you have sex, you can still transmit STIs — and that includes period sex.

Some research suggests that you may be slightly more susceptible to STIs on your period, because your cervix is more open. But, just like sex while not on your period, you can reduce your risk by using a barrier method like condoms or dental dams, getting tested regularly, and taking any relevant medication to manage or prevent STIs.

Can you get pregnant on your period? Although the risks of pregnancy are much lower during your period, pregnancy is still possible. When you ovulate , usually around the 14th day of your cycle, your egg leaves your fallopian tube, and it can remain there for about 24 hours.

Sperm typically lives for three to five days, but can live for up to seven days inside the body. So if you have sex near the end of your period and ovulate early, you could get pregnant, particularly if you have a shorter than average cycle.

When should you have sex on your period? Your period will be messiest on the days when you have a heavier flow , typically during your first few days. Period sex will be less messy when you have a lighter flow, typically at the end of your period. How to avoid making a mess. There are a lot of ways you can reduce the mess from period sex, or even avoid it entirely. You can have your partner rub your clitoris , you two can mutually masturbate with you focusing on your clitoris , or you can have anal sex.

You could also choose another sexual activity that lets you leave your tampon or cup in, like dry-humping. For another no-mess option, you can wear a diaphragm or certain brands of menstrual cups for penetrative sex check the instructions to see if it's approved for this use.

If you're simply removing your pad, tampon, or cup for sex, there are still mess-reduction tactic you can take. If you do accidentally stain your sheets, you can treat a period blood stain with cold water and stain remover. Are there any benefits to period sex? The rumors are true: Period sex can reduce menstrual cramps. When you orgasm, your pelvic muscles contract and release, which can help alleviate cramping.