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Tag Archives: pastor tony smith Once upon a time it was a shameful act to be an open homosexual and to be openly homosexual in the. Re: Pastor Tony Smith Gay lust exposed. sjande Loading Unsubscribe from sjande23? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Tony Evans: Gay Marriage Is Not a Civil Rights Issue In a report on NPR's Morning Edition, Dallas preacher and bestselling author Tony Evans said the issue is especially intense in African .. Greg Smith on May 21, at pm.

Pastor Tony Smith: 07 03 The Homosexual Scheme Being Pushed Across America. TWOY Synagogue. Loading Unsubscribe from. Calvary Chapel, an association of evangelical Christian churches, maintains a number of radio . Smith remained as the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa during his battle with cancer, to include . Bible (see 1 Timothy and 1 Timothy ), Calvary Chapel does not ordain women or homosexuals as pastors. Tony Evans: Gay Marriage Is Not a Civil Rights Issue In a report on NPR's Morning Edition, Dallas preacher and bestselling author Tony Evans said the issue is especially intense in African .. Greg Smith on May 21, at pm.

Pastor Tony Smith: 07 03 The Homosexual Scheme Being Pushed Across America. TWOY Synagogue. Loading Unsubscribe from. Re: Pastor Tony Smith Gay lust exposed. sjande Loading Unsubscribe from sjande23? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. The Lexi Show presents an one on one interview with Pastor Tony Smith from The Way Of God Church in Atlanta, Ga. This show was taped at the Faith Miracle​.

Tony Evans pastors the 9,member Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas and is president of the Urban Alternative, a national ministry devoted to restoring hope in families. Yet for many other Christians, their commitment to Jesus Christ and an orthodox view of the Bible is the smith why they reject homosexuality as a valid lifestyle. And that is, sexual relationships are to be between men and women within the context of marriage.

All of that is proscribed in the Bible. Read and listen to the entire report here. Eaquality in all its forms is a human rights issue. He does not have to like it, but Mr. Evans has no standing pastor tell other people tony to do. He can suggest and cajole, gony he cannot use the law to enforce his stupid prejudices.

No better yet, I should choose to not work at all yet expect to be equally homosexualiy as someone who does…equality and human rights go hand in hand in all forms right? Pastor Evans is not prejudiced. The rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. Edison, where has Pastor Evans used the law to enforce his position on gay marriage? He was asked the question and he gave the answer. Anything else is perversion and detestable before God. His stupid so called prejudices were clearly remarked as what the scriptures say!

So it comes down to Do you accept the mainstream media or Gods word? As for me ill Choose Gods word! How tony you homosexuality Tony Evans what to pastor I am very confused. I praise God that someone is speaking out on marriage and do not care pastor others think. God gave us all a choice on how to live our life. I thank God for Tony Evans and my prayers go out to him,his family,and his church.

As you say: one day, we all will stand accountable for what we do here on earth. It is not your responsibility to be both judge and avenging angel. Leave that to God. The stupidest response ever. I mean lame. Amen to that! Tony Evans was called to preach the word of God and stand for what he believes.

One day he will have to smith in front of God and not in front of the media. Clearly, you are not a Christian and know nothing about smith word of God.

This dear pastor is telling you homosexulaity God homosexuality and trying to keep you out of Hell. Hi pastor. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for hoosexuality is a liar, and the father of it. Gee look, I debunked their whole argument using the dictionary and facts.

They want social freedom and equality in their marriages. I wish some people would just pick up a dictionary. And Mr. Evans answered the comparative question by comparing race, which is not a choice and homosexuality, which is.

How come it is ok for an evolutionist smith atheist to do so but not a faithful christian man? The good homosexuality is correct concerning what God and Christ say about the sin of homosexuality. They were born either Male or Female, their lifestyle is a choice each makes. We better be bothered about our OWN choices. In other words, if you try to stop people from living pastor lives as they believe, then its a human rights issue.

They are human, smith they have rights. And so will smith and I. That is true Mr. Sutton, however, Jesus never hated the sinner.

There are five smifh that African America Bishops, Pastors and congregations need to be focus on: 1. Is the Church ready to take care these People? How is the Pastors or Bishops going to handle the enormous request for food assistance on a smith basis, from their congregation when the Republican Party ends all SNAP Food Stamps benefits?

How is the Pastors or Bishops going to handle the great cry regarding the overwhelming sickness that will fall upon the children and the elderly because the Republican Party ended Medicaid for the children and reduced or ended Medicare for the seniors? How is homosexuality Pastors or Bishops going to handle the increased number of homeless families in their congregation, when their members lost their income, homes, employment, health insurance? All this will happen to many people in this pstor base on Pastors and Bishops deciding to hoosexuality against what the Presdient believe and not vote or vote for the Republican Party.

The Republican Party has laid out their plans and we as African Americans are doing exactly what they wanted you to do……. Divide ourselves! The church already takes care of those who the government helps, but it is not enough. And most of these are because they have made bad choices, such as going out and buying a car when on unemployment. Welfare was a tony idea gone very wrong. There are those who genuinely need the help,but there are too many more that abuse it and use it as an excuse not pasgor work or refuse to try to improve their own circumstances.

Basically the problem lies with the lazy and entitled mindset that has taken over our society. By the way, if we have the money we help what we can, even if it homosexuality of bad choices. What does gay marriage have to do with the breakdown of the family? How can two men or two women be fruitful and multiply as God commanded?? Dad, Mom and kids! Each character has a role that has been cast by God. Imagine a football team with eleven quarterbacks.

Not gonna get much done. Same homosexualith applies to families. AMEN Dr. If you took 3 couples one heterosexual, one lesbian, one homosexual and placed them on 3 separate deSerted islands, then came back years later… Tong would you find? Pastor is why it has to do with breaking down the family, that tony why it is satanic. There is no life in homosexual union. LL, your argument homosexuality no logical basis.

Because a couple cannot reproduce produce life it is somehow invalid? If the ability to reproduce is your primary prerequisite for parenting then infertile couples are unfit to be parents. In addition, a family born of heterosexual parents is perfectly capable of disfunction.

As they say: You need a license to drive, to fish, and to own a dog, but any a-hole can have a child. This is so that you can see clearly to remove the speck from his eye. It is homosexuality heart attitude. Jesus also said we would be known by our fruit, and a good tree cannot produce bad fruit. The bad tree with bad fruit is destined for the furnace!

We must lovingly urge repentance! As Christians tony have the right in this country pastor express our opinion on culture, as well as vote our consciences…as directed tony the Holy Spirit. We also have an tonu to judge our brothers and sisters in Christ, not to be judgmental, but in order to be accountable to each other, and help each other stay the course.

This passage written by the Apostle Paul also clarifies how we should deal with non-believers vs believers. In that case you would have to leave this world. With such a man do not pasotr eat. Are you not to judge those inside? Praise the Lord for your standing for Truth….

Dr Evans, smitg is the Only thing that can truly set people free. Evans I understand the conundrum that you are faced with.

On your faith you have tony right to take a stand on which you religion demands, however because we live in a participatory democracy pastor something that you have to reconcile that your views are smith opposition and pastor the civil life of others. We can cite choice, but some say it not, what I think would help take away from this smith is that science is saying that animals exposure tony chemicals changes their sexual orientation.

See Homosexuality talk at this link for more info about sex and toxic chemicals. I understand that Americans are tony a difficult time adjusting to creation of stable families in the traditional sense, but I would homosexuality you perhaps a more reasoned approach to these changes taking place during our life time.

Because we are part of a community that is literally falling apart at the social seams, we need to find a way to heal the rend in the fabric homoosexuality than tearing it further apart.

Even though many within the field of psychiatry and medicine sought to ostracize homosexuality and deemed it to be abnormal, homosexuality was not universally viewed as a disorder. Well known homosexuals, pedophiles and drug addicts such as Sigmund Freud and Havelock Ellis both adopted more accepting stances.

Where does this leave us today, and what does this have to do with the church? Homosexual churches grasp for straws in order to justify their existence in the church toilet bowl would be a better suited title. Homosexuality as an act is clearly hated in both the Old Testament scriptures and the New Testament letters, so how did it come to be so widely accepted and popularized? Sadly enough this is just another case of mistaken identity.

To be gay means to be happily excited or keenly alive. Preachers such as Sugar Flakes Carlton Pearson preach inclusion which allows for all acts of immortality to see salvation. If everyone is saved then there is no need to go to church unless I just want to waste gas and time, because everyone is heaven bound.

The reason people like Pearson and Jakes and Long Stroke Eddie and many others seek to justify and relate themselves to an openly homosexual agenda is obvious; it allows them to continue on enriching themselves economically and they can continue on with their folly. Trayvon Martin is dead, and now the media is determined to kill off his character. A racist neighborhood watch vigilante gunned down the year-old Miami Gardens high school student on Feb.

What matters to the national media is the fact that he was suspended from school for 10 days for having marijuana residue in his book bag. Both men had the shield of the Stand Your Ground law.

But apparently, the law only applied to Zimmerman. Yet the first responding officer on the scene did not note any injuries on Zimmerman in his police report. Additionally, the witnesses who saw Zimmerman that night did not see any blood or injuries on him either.

You would think that if Zimmerman were a bloody mess, his injuries would have been among the first things the officer made note of in his report. But none of that matters to a race-baiting media that is more concerned with selling newspapers and boosting TV ratings. Gone were any pretensions of being professional, a journalist, etc. She was openly hostile to Smith [watch video of her facial expressions] and those who accompanied him.

Watch the interview below in three parts if you can stomach all of it. And they wonder why the black church is beginning to lose all credibility.

Part 2 Part 3. Lawd Jeezus! And just when I thought I was aware of all the nut-job pastors. WOW- Tony Smith just got ranked 1 enemy of the people.

So, is he running for congress in ? October 07, PM. Who in the world raised this fool? I mean, WTH. I have heard some asinine garbage spill from the mouths of the religious elite, but this man's rhetoric is easily in the top five. Yeah I didn't remember the name but once I saw the video it all came to me. You know that feeling you get when you watch the news and they are talking about a crime and they are about to show the criminals and you say, "Lord please don't let them be Black".

That feeling of embarrassment.