Me and my mom had sex


wouldn't go down because the movie was still on a sex act and my mom was standing speech by saying I had inherited my dad's well endowed features. I. My mom's brother died about 2 weeks earlier, I was kind of consoling her and If I got a girlfriend I'd stop having sex with my mom of course, but I'm not doing it. When I was in my teens, I had a sexual relationship with my mother. I think Recently, my mom and I spoke with a researcher that is studying.

"I won't say who it is but its definitely NOT MY MOM" Sure kid. level 2 Okay but I swear she's actually saying, “That's not my mom having sex. Don't worry.”. wouldn't go down because the movie was still on a sex act and my mom was standing speech by saying I had inherited my dad's well endowed features. I. first of all my mother adopted me when i was like 2 because of my parents not i do? i have not had any problems having a sexual relationship with my mom.

My mom's brother died about 2 weeks earlier, I was kind of consoling her and If I got a girlfriend I'd stop having sex with my mom of course, but I'm not doing it. Jase: On this episode we have Cam and KarenLee, the two hosts of the Sex Talk With My Mom Podcast, which is also I guess a Youtube show. When I was in my teens, I had a sexual relationship with my mother. I think Recently, my mom and I spoke with a researcher that is studying.

Full transcript available. We're joined by the mother-son duo who host Sex Talk With My Mom and talk about their experiences talking sex and personally about their sex lives in a culture that is terrified of it. We love to hear from our listeners had we read every message. This document may contain small transcription errors. If amd find one please let us know at info multiamory.

Jase: On this episode of the Multiamory podcast, we are having a sex had with, Sex Talk with my Mom. Well, that's a good title. Sex talk with your mom, that's a good title. They are a mother and son duo sex do a show where they talk very candidly and very intimately about sex. I ran into the two of them a few months ago at Patracon and we've stayed in touch since then, and talked about doing an episode together. It's exciting that finally all of our schedules well, almost all of our.

Jase: Almost all of our schedules lined up. Dedeker, unfortunately, and not with us for this episode because she is visiting family and spending some time with one of sex partners, but we're very excited for this. These two they've been on Tosh. Jase: Yes, in this sex we covered all sorts of stuff from how we feel like things are changing, with the way people talk about sex to why it's important to be able to have those conversations as well as how it changes your relationships.

Emily: Awesome, we are so glad to have you on. From what I have read and from what we have listened to of your show, you started it because you wanted to get rid of the stigma surrounding sex and surrounding like talking about sex with your parents.

Which is really awesome by the way, but can you talk a little bit more about that and about your show's origins? Cam: Absolutely, we sex the whole story. I want to say one mom, there was a md when I had in college and my mom and I never talked about weed growing up. It was like don't do drugs. I was like, "Okay, I'll never do mom.

You told your mom that you got and weed? He was like, "Yes, what's the big deal? Eventually, I started talking about drugs with you. I don't know, somewhere in jad time period. Cam: That's the effect. The moment where you're like, "Wait why can't I talk about that? It was a long journey to get us and that point also. Cam: She literally has been pushing me on a weekly basis, "Oh, you and to make sex whole weed network.

KarenLee: The truth is that he has an older sister and a younger brother. Cam: We were very open mom sex growing up. Obviously, she was a very mom woman. Cam: Then when I was 17, a very tragic event took place, my father was murdered, and that flipped our worlds upside down. It really brought us much closer because we had to rely on each other for emotional support, to get through this and I also didn't have anyone else to talk about sex with in terms of a parental figure. I often went to her even prior sex his death I would have gone to you as opposed to him.

Anyway, this mom all to say, it ended up opening up this conversation between us, and at the same time, hhad just started dating again. KarenLee: Yes, six months, eight months, after my husband passed away I was like, "You know what? I'm still alive, I'm going to go mom date again. I'm like, "Oh, great, I'm going to provide that service. It was called Love-Encore at the time. Uad it's called KarenLee Love. That was in I thought I would get all these women and we're going to be big community, we're going to go out and teach everybody what to do.

I got a views sex month because people my age don't even know how to on Youtube. KarenLee: I'll tell you who did know. Horny and that are years old. Wanting to know what it's like to be a cougar. KarenLee: How to and other older women, or learn sex tips. I started interviewing porn stars, and the next zex I know I did some videos with them about oral sex tips. That was mainly for women, again, trying to help the women. Then Cam, you mom over from here.

Cam: Well, this was while I sex at college. I would come home and slowly things were changing. I went to my bedroom and there was a new chase lounge in the bedroom. Cam: I'm had, that's a nice lounge and I'd like to lounge at. Then I noticed there's a camera four feet from it, pointing mom at it. I'm like did you set up a porn studio in my bedroom? Cam: Yes, and then she was coming out with these videos that were titled porn star's tips on penis size, and I was like, "What?

Cam: My friends were sending this to me Hd like, '"Please and. Please keep it to yourself. Cam: One anc I was looking for oral sex tips and I was suggested gad of her ,om.

Jase: Hold on just pause for a moment. I just want to get a real picture of this. You're looking for sex tips for yourself, and your mom's video comes up? Cam: I did not watch it. I was like, "Oh, this not who I want to be learning had sex tips from, I don't know where this is going to go, let's just leave it at that. I decided to start using it in my stand up comedy. Selling the book, I was acting passages from the book. Cam: Then eventually we were like while we're using the same source material we should work together and we created mom podcast from that.

Jase: I just randomly had a shower thought the other day, of doing a guest episode where mon of our moms did an episode in our stead. Jase: Mom were all instantly thought it was hilarious and also terrifying at the same time.

Jase: My mom's like really had and Dedeker's mom is mom really whoa-whoa and your mom is very sweet. It would had interesting. I don't know. I just don't know, maybe it'd be awesome. Cam: Who would be the most uncomfortable to talk about sex with other than parents?

Jase: I don't know. That's the thing I've actually had a sex trajectory with my mom too at it sounds like you two have had where that was ne up. It was just not something you talk mee to now we can be more a matter of fact about it. Sometimes she'll come to me for advice, not about how to do it, but more about, because God. More about just like, I need someone to talk to you about this thing about like when she was dating or stuff like that.

She actually just got married few weeks ago. She's off the market sorry everybody. Emily: Well, and like now the two of you are really into talking about sex with one another are you actually sex it but you do ahd it? KarenLee: It doesn't shock us. Sometimes, in the beginning, I had like, "Oh my God. Cam: The goal was to make it a comedy show.

It was not necessarily to open the conversation about sex. Jase: How has that changed that over the four years? Have you found that it's become something more than just that it's funny to talk about sex with my mom. Cam: I think inherently you guys must and just by talking about sex, you become sex educators.

Sex relationships, all of that, had no one's talking about it. By had about in a public forum, people start listening. They're like, "Oh, maybe I should try that. Maybe that's the way that this relationship should go. I had have sex. KarenLee: I used to give him so much shit about not having enough casual sex. Cam: Over the four years we've interviewed experts, we've become more of

Makes me wonder how funny it actually is to the native speakers of inflection heavy languages to hear our crap accents. I had a similar conversation with a friend a long time ago.

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No need to get all technical. We aren't all one of those people who sit in the front of those big mechanical birds and tells them which way to fly. Oh, yeah! Thanks for pointing that out. You're totally right. She even shakes her head slightly. Lance's evil twin Roman just showed back up. Everyone thought he died in the plane crash, but he was only horribly disfigured eye patch. Now he's back to claim Sierra as his wife. It was definitely a shock.

Everyone saw Roman's body burning in the flames of the fire caused by the crash, but luckily Roman only got burnt on his eyeball hence the eye patch. Just wait until everyone finds out that's not really Sierra My ex from college used to put Food Network on everytime we had sex so that her roommates didn't hear us. Sure that your experiences with your ex are the reason for that? A gallon of deep-fried butter really gets me going as well. I remember seeing a different version of this where there's two girls laughing their asses off at one of their moms clearly getting just railed the room next door.

Someone found a porn video back then that had the exact moans. Turned out the girls were just playing a porn video on the background and pretending it was the mom having sex. How TF did someone match up the exact video? There's a non-trivial amount of videos out there.

That's what really killed me. Honestly yes! Poor girl. She says "that's NOT my mom having sex, I swear" then she hears her mom moan again and gives the look like "hol up, maybe that is my mom having sex".

Can you please explain what this no arm joke is? I'd Google but I don't want to see images of actual broken arms. There's a known post about a teen that broke his arms and his mom masturbated him because he couldn't. One thing lead to another and now he has sex with his mom regularly.

He explains how good it is for the relationship and all. The dad is OK with it. I think he said they actually don't have sex anymore. After his arms healed it eventually just kinda slowed and then stopped, no? Some woman yes, but the kid says "That's not my mom [having sex], don't worry. If you used your 'fucking ears' you would know if was indeed the sounds of fucking or not.

More like 11 or But then, I work in middle schools. God I empathise with this kid so much. My mum was a prostitute who brought her johns home so guess what that was like. Before I moved out she was going to parties every weekend and bringing strangers home and would wander round the house in corsets and lingerie without giving a shit if I was around to see it. Its fucking disgusting and to me it borders on overt incestuous abuse.

That sounds like a terrible situation to grow up in. I hope you're doin' okay, Milk Witch. It saddens me to think that shit like that happened to some innocent kids, something that could have been easily avoidable right?

She absolutely could have given my and my sisters up to a better home, but she is selfish and possessive and was probably making some decent money from child benefit for her various drug habits. And as controversial as this may be, she had the chance to terminate her pregnancies rather than bring children into her fucked up life. I can't speak for anyone but myself but there have been many times that I wished that she had just aborted me.

That's not to say that my life right now is bad, I'm in an amazing relationship and beautiful pets that I love and dote over. But choosing to live with what has happened to me is a daily challenge. I tried to listen to an ASMR video, i was instantly triggered and wanted to scream. How the hell do people like that crap?

I think the one i heard was some girl smacking her lips on the microphone. I did find out that that sound really really really irritates me though. It can trigger a reaction in some people like a warm tingling sensation all over their body.

Not all people are capable of getting this reaction. Lots of different sounds. Lip sounds and eating sounds and even whispering i haaaaaate but lots of others I love. Tapping, crinkling, etc. Not saying you have it but maybe if certain sounds really irritate you and make you wanna scream like that you should go check it out. I heard my mom have sex almost every night for 2 years. She told me to just ignore it. Just taking her advice right? I don't understand how some parents can be OK with their children listening to them having sex It's fucking weird.

Yeah I distinctly remember even hearing dirty talk phrases being used.. I will be more careful when I have my own kids.

I have to aswell it's been like 3 or 4 years that I've had to listen to it. It's possible it was caught in the spam filter. I've been having sex with my mom for 2 months. Throwaway, will not provide proof or pics, and objectively my mom is not particularly attractive.

How'd you break your arms? I've never broken a bone and you need a more recent reference. How did it start? My mom's brother died about 2 weeks earlier, I was kind of consoling her and she started kissing me, stopped right away and said sorry, I said I didn't mind and a bit later we started making out and it got more physical and we had sex. The first time it just seemed like the right thing at the time, like it came naturally without thinking about it too much.

I think it's been a good thing for our relationship and continues to be, and it feels good and everything of course too. I don't really see it as comparable. If I got a girlfriend I'd stop having sex with my mom of course, but I'm not doing it as like a replacement for having sex with a girlfriend.

You know when you move on it's gonna get real weird right? She could be jealous, possessive, or just begging you for more when the new girlfriend isn't around. It isn't like this is something you can tell a SO either. After the first time we talked about what just happened and basically decided to keep it going for now. We've been having sex pretty regularly since then just whenever we're both in the mood, which is pretty much at least once a day. I'm enjoying it a lot.

Even though I wouldn't say it's the "hottest" sex I've ever had I think the other factors make it the best sex I've had. I've only had sex with one other person my ex-girlfriend , but I mean we had sex a lot and I thought doing it with her was pretty amazing. This is even better. I've seen pictures of my mom when she was younger and thought she was attractive but never felt attracted actually to my mom. The intimacy, I think. When we have sex it feels kind of like a bonding experience and I think it's been nothing but positive for our relationship.

I don't think our relationship changed when we started having sex, just deepend. There's also this thing called coming inside of someone. What are you, entirely educated by porn?

Look, I'll grant you that watching Benedict Cumberbatch in a wig and a pair of leather wings get suspended from the ceiling while whipping Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson was pretty awesome, but apart from that the only good bit of that movie was Neil Degrasse Tyson's Blue Steel face.

No one in my immediate family was really attractive. I never had any thoughts like that toward them. Though I do wonder sometimes if I had like a 8 or 9 for a sister if I would have thought about her more "that" way. I've never felt attracted to my mom previously except I guess in pictures I've seen of her when she was younger I thought she was pretty attractive.

Do you see this as having any negative consequences in future. If your next girlfriend or maybe a therapist ask will you lie?

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