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paciente que está dañado en alguna forma, ya sea por enfermedad mental, Cuando usted visite el hogar de un adulto mayor, espe‐cialmente uno que viva más de 5 millones de personas padecen esta enfermedad; es la sexta causa de. Los adultos mayores son la población expuesta a más alto riesgo de suicidio en el . La sexta a décima causas principales de muerte fueron la enfermedad de. También se conoce como la sexta enfermedad, exantema súbito o roseola Pero, puesto que afecta mucho más a los niños pequeños que a los adultos.

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región del Biobío, siendo la sexta en la zona y el caso número 20 a nivel nacional. El fallecido corresponde a un adulto mayor de 65 años, oriundo de se agotan en farmacias a dos semanas del peak de la enfermedad. Gangrena de fournier: aspectos anátomo-clínicos en el adulto y en el niño. que afecta a los hombres, fundamentalmente en la sexta y séptima décadas de la entre otros, que se asocian a esta enfermedad, y que pueden considerarse. Este martes se informó del fallecimiento de una sexta persona por Influenza El indice alto de contagio de esta enfermedad se prevee para.

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In , around 7. Poverty inequalities were observed by race and ethnicity in while the poverty rate for all races was Poverty reached The child poverty rate increased from Poor children have higher hospital—admission rates, more disability days, and higher death rates; they also are more likely to have inadequate preventive, curative, and emergency care, and more frequently suffer from inadequate nutrition and food insecurity.

Children with single mothers are more than five times as likely to live in poverty as children in households with two parents In , the high school drop—out rates for 16—24—year—olds, by ethnicity and race, were: 6. Immediately after high school, In , differences in unemployment were seen by gender and by race or ethnicity. Among those 16 years old and older, Unemployment by racial and ethnic group was Nevada was the state with the highest unemployment rate North Dakota had the lowest unemployment rate 3.

The number of persons without health insurance has increased dramatically: while in , In regard to family security and well—being, marriage rates per 1, men or women in were Air pollution is a health problem with many sources. Thanks to regulations mandated by the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that in alone, , deaths and , hospital visits had been avoided Pollution by toxic agents from thousands of power plants nationwide is estimated to cause as many as 17, deaths a year, chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and exposure of mercury and lead to children.

Smog is estimated to kill as many as 12, persons each year, and toxic air pollution from industrial plants contributes to 5, deaths per year In , a total of 4, U. For , approximately 3. Work hazards can vary widely depending place of work and profession. For example, each year between 10, and 20, physician—diagnosed pesticide poisonings among agricultural workers are reported In , 1. In that year, of these workers died from an occupational injury; 43 were Hispanic.

The fatality rate in was There were In , it was reported that over 5, people were killed and over , were injured in traffic accidents that involved "driving while distracted. In , there were 23, deaths from falls, accounting for Poisonings contributed 40, deaths or Firearm injuries were responsible for 31, deaths, or The two major causes of deaths due to firearms were suicide In , U. Among the , confirmed cases of child maltreatment, One—third of victims Nearly 1 in 2 women have experienced other forms of sexual violence in their lifetime e.

Since that year, the nation has escaped another major hurricane. The number of reported cases of West Nile neuroinvasive disease increased dramatically in the regions of Louisiana and Mississippi affected by Hurricane Katrina; in there was a more than two—fold increase in incidence of this disease in these areas over previous years Numerous severe tornado outbreaks in caused extensive damage in southern and midwestern states, exacting a death toll of people.

Major, widespread flooding events in northeastern and southeastern states caused billions of dollars in losses in Severe drought conditions between and , particularly in the south—central and western regions of the country, impacted agricultural production and resulted in thousands of wildfires.

In April an explosion on an off—shore oil well, the Deepwater Horizon, in the Gulf of Mexico created a major environmental disaster. It is estimated that nearly 5 million barrels of crude oil flowed into the Gulf during the months before the well was successfully capped. Eleven people were killed at the site of the explosion, and fishermen, residents of the area, and response and clean—up workers suffered from neurological, ocular, and respiratory symptoms, among other health effects.

The long—term effects of exposure to the oil and oil spill dispersants are not known. The fishery and tourism industries along the Louisiana Gulf Coast suffered severe setbacks, and large numbers of wildlife were killed and their habitats destroyed The rate of live births per 1, women was The age—specific birth rates in were: 15—19 years In , the teen birth rate of 39 per 1, women 15—19 years of age was the lowest in the nation's history, but there were dramatic differences by racial and ethnic group.

For White women the teen birth rate was 26 per 1, women, for African—American women the rate was 59, and for Hispanic women the rate was 70 The average age for mothers who had their first baby in was 25, and among all women having a baby in the average age was 27, both a year older than in In , the rate of pregnancy—related diabetes was 45 per 1, live births. In , chronic hypertension was reported for 11 of 1, live births, while the rate of pregnancy—associated hypertension was 39 per 1, live births.

The latter condition was more common among African—American women 46 per 1, live births and White women 44 than among Hispanic women Eclampsia-a life—threatening condition-affected 2. Rates of maternal morbidity also varied by age in women in an outlier group, 40—54 years old, were at highest risk for diabetes, hypertension, and eclampsia, while women under 20 years old were least likely to have diabetes or chronic hypertension during pregnancy.

However, women younger than 20 years old had levels of pregnancy—related hypertension that were from 9. Teenage mothers 15—19 years of age were more likely to have premature and low—birthweight babies and often received less prenatal care. The maternal mortality rate MMR was In , the MMR was highest among women aged 35 years and older 32 per , live births , more than four times higher than women under 20 years of age 7.

The MMR for women 25—34 years of age ranged from 9. In , 2. The infant mortality rate IMR in was 6. Infant mortality rate variability by state showed that Washington had the lowest rate 4. The death rate per 1, children 1—4 years of age was The death rate for African—American males was 45 per 1, males; for White and Hispanic males the rate was The mortality rate for African—American females was 39 per 1, females, for Hispanic females the rate was 24, and for White females it was The overall male mortality rate of this age group There were 4, deaths among children 1—4 years of age in The rate of homicide for males was more than six times greater than for females in this age group Malignant neoplasms and heart disease ranked first and second as causes of death in this age group and all succeeding age groups.

The five leading causes of death among those 55—64 years of age were similar to those for all ages. In , of those 65 years and older, 9. Studies conducted in — support the idea that malnutrition, especially undernutrition, is prevalent among the elderly population In addition, infectious diseases such as influenza and pneumococcal disease and injuries are major concerns among the elderly There were 1. The elderly have an increased risk of mental health disorders that often occur in parallel with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

However, mental health disorders are often undiagnosed, and one in four of the elderly lives with depression, anxiety disorder, or other significant psychiatric conditions The elderly are the highest risk population in the country for suicide, but few suicide—prevention programs target them In fact, while the national rate of suicide was The suicide rate for White men age 85 and older was four times the national rate 47 per , Children living in a single—head—of—household family are more likely to be poor and not to receive timely health care As of , there were an estimated 4.

Twenty—seven percent 1. Some , American Indians and Alaska Natives are served in urban clinics, and they generally have less access to hospitals, health clinics, and contract health services, which limits their health care options. American Indians and Alaska Natives had lower age—adjusted mortality rates for certain diseases compared to rates for Whites.

In , mortality from heart disease for American Indians and Alaska Natives was However, American Indians and Alaska Natives had a rate of alcoholism 3. The age—adjusted mortality rate for American Indians and Alaska Natives from chronic liver disease and cirrhosis was Among Native American youth ages 12 to 17 years rates of current illicit drug use In , Among adults 65 years of age and older in , Age—adjusted mortality rates have declined for all demographic groups over a period of many decades, but inequalities between African—American and White populations and between males and females have narrowed only since the mid—s.

The decrease in death rates in recent years for all groups is attributed to reductions in the leading causes of death. In , the age—adjusted mortality rate for both sexes was per , population, per , males and per , females. The age—adjusted mortality rate for both sexes dropped to in , the lowest on record; African—Americans had the highest rate compared to Whites and Hispanics in that year.

Adults between 25 and 34 years old only experienced a 3. In , the 10 leading causes of death for both sexes and all ages accounted for Heart disease was the leading cause of all deaths and among the top 10 causes in every age group, excluding infants under 1 year old. Malignant neoplasms were the leading cause of death for the 45—54—year and 55—64—year age groups.

Cerebrovascular disease was the third leading cause of all deaths and one of the top 10 causes of death as early as 10—14 years of age. Chronic lower respiratory disease was the fourth leading cause and was responsible for more than 4, deaths in the 45—54—year age group. The sixth through tenth leading causes of death were: Alzheimer's disease, diabetes mellitus, influenza and pneumonia, nephritis, and septicemia; together they accounted for These diseases represented mortality rates that were two to three times greater than any other leading cause for women by racial or ethnic group.

Percentages of deaths from diabetes for Hispanic women 5. This was in contrast to chronic lower respiratory disease, which accounted for nearly twice as many deaths among White women 6. In , 9 out of 10 leading causes of death were the same for females and males. However, suicide was the seventh leading cause among men but only the fifteenth among women Mortality from chronic liver disease was twice as high among men as women and is the seventh leading cause of death among Hispanic men.

In contrast, Alzheimer's disease was the fifth leading cause of death for women 4. Outbreaks of mosquito—borne viral diseases in the U. Dengue virus presents a continuing problem in the country's tropical and subtropical areas. Dengue was reported in Florida in for the first time in 75 years, and more than 90 locally transmitted cases have been reported in that state since then.

Imported cases of dengue in travelers returning from endemic areas add an additional concern. Dengue became a nationally notifiable disease in the U. Human West Nile virus infections were first reported in New York City in , and the virus has since become endemic across the continental U.

In , there were 1, human West Nile virus cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , of which were neuroinvasive and included 57 deaths. From —, there were over 30, human West Nile virus cases reported to the CDC, with nearly 1. It should be noted that non—neuroinvasive cases are significantly underreported. A number of other endemic arboviruses cause human morbidity and mortality in the U. Louis encephalitis virus, LaCrosse encephalitis virus, and the tick—borne Powassan virus Malaria cases occur mostly due to blood transfusions or overseas travel; the average number of cases of malaria reported annually from to was 1, In , of all malaria cases only one was acquired in the United States and one was acquired from a transfusion Lyme disease is the most common vector—borne disease in the U.

In , the CDC reported 38, cases of Lyme disease and from to reported cases of the disease almost doubled In , there were 22, confirmed and 7, probable cases of Lyme disease reported to the CDC Other tickborne diseases of concern in the U.

Cases of anaplasmosis reported to the CDC increased steadily from cases in to 1, cases in The majority of reported ehrlichiosis cases are due to Ehrlichia chaffeensis , and cases increased steadily from in to in 80 , Reported cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever also have increased steadily over the last decade, reaching over 2, in ; there were 1, reported cases in 82 , The United States has greatly reduced its burden of vaccine—preventable diseases through childhood immunization, although work remains to be done.

In , for example, California reported 9, cases of pertussis with a rate of per million. The state also reported cases of meningococcal disease, 42 cases of varicella, and 29 cases of mumps HIV incidence in the United States has been relatively stable with approximately 50, new infections each year Over the last decade new AIDS diagnoses have remained relatively constant, with an estimated 35, in Since the onset of the epidemic in , an estimated 1.

In contrast, two—thirds of females living with an AIDS diagnosis were infected through heterosexual contact. In , only 28 children were newly diagnosed with HIV as a result of mother—to—child transmission and the cumulative number of these cases diagnosed from — was The decrease in pediatric HIV cases from the early years of the epidemic is associated with increased HIV testing among young pregnant women and use of antiretroviral drugs to prevent mother—to—child transmission The highest rate of AIDS was found in the District of Columbia, where there were cases per , population in , more than 10 times the national average of Between and there were 1, reported cases of congenital syphilis in the United States.

Although the national target for was 1 case of congenital syphilis per , live births, the rate increased from 8. Thirty—three states reported cases of congenital syphilis in , and five of them had rates much higher than the national target.

For example, in Texas the congenital syphilis rate was There were , cases of primary, secondary, and latent syphilis reported over the — period. Rates of syphilis increased from States in the south had the highest rate The rate per , males was 7.

While the CDC target for gonorrhea was 19 or fewer cases per , by , only 7 of 50 states had reached that goal by Idaho had the lowest rate 7. Between and , rates of gonorrhea for males had decreased from to 91 per , males, but in the District of Columbia, the rate for males remained high at The national rate of gonorrhea for women was per , women in , with the highest female rate also found in the District of Columbia Of the 1.

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