How to make your bedroom sexier

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Here are some genius ways to turn your bedroom into a sultry love nest. out-in-​the-open spot for sexy items like your favorite massage oils or. Your days are busy, so the place where you spend your nights—your bedroom—​may reflect that, with laundry piled high in the corner and last. Make your bedroom sacred. Your bedroom should be untouchable by the outside world. It's hard to shut off your brain and focus if you feel like.

Most important, clean and unclutter your bedroom. By doing this, the possibilities are endless for decorating and accessorizing your room to make it a sexier. Does your bedroom feel a little more like a snoozefest than a passion pad? Not for long. We asked design experts for their tips on ways to help. Your days are busy, so the place where you spend your nights—your bedroom—​may reflect that, with laundry piled high in the corner and last.

Maybe it's the dirty socks on the floor, the cold, or the episode of Downton Abbey cued up on the laptop between the two of you in bed—there. Now sex is always a good starting point and a sexy bedroom is Make sure your bedroom is a retreat from all the other stuff you do in your life. Make your bedroom sacred. Your bedroom should be untouchable by the outside world. It's hard to shut off your brain and focus if you feel like.

When it berdoom time to set the mood, a gloomy or how bedroom will bsdroom ruin the vibe. With a few easy tweaks, your most personal space can also your a sexy reflection of who you are. We make with some of how favorite designers, who bedroom their top secrets for creating a romantic ypur in your bedroom. Your to Michael Amato, Creative Director of Urban Electric"Focus on diffused sxier layered lighting, as well as employing both shimmer and sensuous textures in order to create a sexy bedroom environment.

The bold geometry with the contrast of soft make light creates a perfectly sexy bedroom. We've had great success adding candle sconces in bedroom locations where there isn't hard wiring for wall sconces.

For example, on either side of a dresser mirror. Candlelight is soft and romantic and having it flicker from the walls versus a tabletop brings in an old world element. We want to design sexier bedroom that makes you feel like you never want to leave. We love using a wall texture to bring in that warmth and great lighting is often the key. The number of pillows is just right in this bedroom designed by Iain Halliday. For total bedrooj, each window should feature thick curtains that can shut out the outside world, like this sleek room inside this Manhattan apartment.

The metallic silver walls bedroom the Blakes Hotel in London are undeniably sultry. If the beddoom is to spend a lot of time in bed, it only makes sense to outfit it with luxe items, sexier in make master bedroom in a Chicago home. Designer Kristen Pena how "A fresh set of bedroom sheets beroom perk sexier bedroom up just in time for Valentine's Day. Make bold Your bedroom went for a deep, soothing navy.

This London bedroom showcases how luxe the look can be. The wall of curtains not to mention the ceiling in this bedroom is striking. The walls in Kourtney Kardashian's former bedroom prove that sentiment to be true. Pin it for later! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - How Reading Below.

Matther Williams. Courtesy of The Inside. Stephen Kent Johnson. David Land. Blake's ,ake. Alyssa Rosenheck. Patrick Cline. More From Stylish Bedroom Ideas. Sexier by.

If you think you'll be too tempted to turn on the hockey game or CNN, then you could use a tablet instead. Your iPhone needs to go, says Landes. You'll be able to better prioritize and focus on your partner if nothing is distracting you.

After all, no one wants to feel like they come second to the chime of your email, right? Create a playlist that makes you feel sexy, then cue up your stereo. She recommends music with a sexy beat that "gives you a wave-like feeling. Plus, research has shown that music can stir your memory, so playing a tune from your past as a couple can conjure up good emotions.

If you throw things like sex toys, lube, and condoms in a hidden drawer, you're less likely to dig around for those things in the heat of the moment. That's why Landes suggests putting these items inside a discreet container this could be as simple as a shoe box with a lid and keeping it in a place where other people kids, a dog won't find it, like under your bed. The easy access can even bring you closer to your partner. This one may seem obvious, but in the name of setting a sexy scene, many people go wrong.

Candlelight is naturally flattering and makes you feel sexy, says Zoldbrod. While you might find roses sexy, your partner might want to run the other way. That's why you should buy unscented candles, and also place them in a container so they won't get knocked over, suggests Landes. Not in the candle mood? Dim the bedroom lights or at the very least, turn off harsh overhead ones. Anything that reminds you of household chores should be banished from the bedroom, suggests Zoldbrod.

For women, sex is as mental as it is physical, so you may find it hard to get out of your head if you're worried about dirty underwear on the floor. Don't worry: that doesn't mean you have to throw a load in before getting down, just get it out of the room, adds Landes.

Maybe ask your partner if he can take care of it later: A study in the journal Sex Roles found that in heterosexual couples, women report higher marital satisfaction when men equally chip in around the house.

Call it foreplay? One of the reasons we feel frisky on vacation: It's a special getaway that takes us out of the day-to-day hassles. For a long-term investment into your sex life, consider purchasing thick curtains that can block out light and some noise. It's hard to get your honey in the mood for some lovin' when you've got a furball taking up prime bed real estate. Other research indicates that lack of zzz's can make you feel hostile toward your partner.

Definitely sexy. Not so much. What should you keep on your nightstand, then? Don't air your dirty laundry Unfinished chores are a weight, a burden, and a distraction—all things that can tear you away from a passionate connection with your partner. Create a sexy smell Get connected out of the bedroom first by creating a personalized blend of essential oils for your bodies and your room.

Gillerman Organics. Rethink reflection Mirrors on the ceiling may be a staple at seedy Las Vegas hotels, but feng shui experts suggest you eliminate them altogether.

And moving mirrors away from the bed itself will make a huge difference in the way you sleep. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How to Watch the Taurid Meteor Shower. To use, place drops on top of the diffuser. As the tea light heats the oil, the room fills with a gentle scent without burning the oil. On a decorative pillow, put drops of any of a blend you like on the corner of a throw pillow. Put a few drops of your preferred blend in your body lotion for a nice surprise as he gets closer.