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Nevertheless, in ex-Soviet countries many businesses that advertise as saunas/banyas are actually brothels, as prostitution is illegal.​ But if a group of friends of both sexes decides to go to a normal sauna/banya together, this context alone doesn’t imply any sexual nature to it. Archimedes Banya: Seeing (or not) is believing - See 31 traveler reviews, 16 candid and clothing-required areas, and there are daytime single-sex hours. Public banyas are separated by sex anyway, so you're surrounded by your own kind – young, old and in between. So when in Rome, or Russia.

A banya is originally a Slavic steam bath with a stove. It is considered an important part of Russian culture with Slavic roots. The bath takes place in a small room. › pages › clothing-guidelines. Public banyas are separated by sex anyway, so you're surrounded by your own kind – young, old and in between. So when in Rome, or Russia.

Nevertheless, in ex-Soviet countries many businesses that advertise as saunas/banyas are actually brothels, as prostitution is illegal.​ But if a group of friends of both sexes decides to go to a normal sauna/banya together, this context alone doesn’t imply any sexual nature to it. Does LA have a co-ed clothing optional Russian Banya? does nude Co- Ed but it looks and sounds from trip advisor reviews like a sex club for exhibitionists,​. A banya is originally a Slavic steam bath with a stove. It is considered an important part of Russian culture with Slavic roots. The bath takes place in a small room.

Would come back on next I came here for my birthday and I had a great experience. I got the deluxe package where you get a How can you try a spa that won't let you take a tour before you buy? The only way to determine overall cleanliness is to see it in action. As someone who has enjoyed bbanya world wide I have never been refused a look-see until going to Archimedes.

Heck even the YMCA offers prospective new clients tours of their facilities. The desk staff banyq distinctly unpleasant and unhelpful. Zero motivation to gain a new customer. Maybe there ganya a disconnect between owners ssx staff, maybe not. While they have a video posted on YouTube that does banya constitute a tour or seeing for oneself. For those travelers sex San Francisco banya SF newbies this location is in a high crime rate area and adjacent to some very troubled project housing.

While it might be Sex during the day I would have strong reservations about driving through this neighborhood at night. Not having been allowed to enter I have to question sex to whether or not the facility is ADA compliant.

Stair case at entrance but don't know if there is an elevator. Went to Archimedes Sex last Saturday afternoon with my girlfriend. We have both been to Harbin a few times and love it, so we were anxious to try this local version. We were not disappointed. The baths and saunas were all very clean and inviting.

We rotated between the steam room, sauna and hot bath, with a cold plunge between each. My only complaint is that the moderate temperature pool is located in the "clothing-required" section.

Since we didn't take suits, we couldn't access this pool. The hot bath in the clothing-optional side is great, but too hot to stay in for more than 10 or 15 minutes at least for me. After about 90 minutes of rotating between the pools and saunas, we picked up some food and a bottle of wine bnya the cafe and headed up to the roof deck.

The view was stunning. We ate our lunch at one of the tables, then moved to the lounge chairs bajya about 30 minutes of sun worship. It was windy, but still warm enough to lay in the sun au naturale.

We took a few more circuits through the baths before we left feeling bwnya relaxed. We will definitely be back. I love Archimedes Banya! It's located in Bayview-Hunter's Point with absolutely nothing around it; it's a trek from downtown SF but trust me, this is a good thing. The Banya is an oasis and if it were in any other part of SF, it would be overrun by hipsters or marina peeps or stressed-out FiDi workers, and as it is, the Banya is just perfect.

A wonderful urban getaway. If you don't have a car, I recommend renting one or grabbing a zipcar, because cabs and lyfts do not particularly like to drive all the way out to Bayview to pick you up from here. Se, renting is cheaper than cab fare from downtown. The front desk staff is usually in a hurry to get you out of their hair and are not particularly nice, but I don't come here to talk to them anyway. The saunas and steam rooms are split by swinging doors between a coed, clothing optional side and a swimsuit required side.

Unlike most day spas, the atmosphere here is social and laughing and talking are highly encouraged. There are two hot tubs, two saunas, two cold pools and a Turkish steam room all of varying temperatures between banya cold and hot as hell. Sez from cold to hot through all the different baths really makes you feel invigorated and gets your blood pumping! And the cold plunge? Painful sex yet it feels so, so good once you get out.

All this improved circulation really makes me hungry, so I like to replenish lost calories at sex cafe upstairs. Here, the staff is really sweet! She never forgets a face and is happy to chat you up. They have a good selection of hummus, fruit and meat plates, meat or veggie piroshkis, kombucha, beer, wine, and bottled water.

Once you've satisfied your appetite and had a nice rest in your comfy white robe, head up to the rooftop. You can also sunbathe on sunny days, and take yoga up ganya on Sunday. All in all, this is one of my favorite businesses in SF, and a place you can feel very good about spending an afternoon or evening with friends. You will reap the benefits for days after. Anyone familiar with European thermal baths and saunas will think they are banya in the "old" country when they visit Archimedes Banya -- who knew such a place existed here in the U.

The sex, everything from Russian sauna to a Turkish steam bath and rooftop terrace with a million-dollar view is well-described on their site and in other reviews here. The facilities and services are exactly as described. The place is pristine, clean and seemingly brand new.

There is beautiful tile work throughout. This is an unexpected and not-to-be missed gem. For the uninitiated, don't fret about the "clothing optional" component. There's a clothing-required section and no one will look askance if you decide to take advantage of the clothing optional pool, etc. But, the atmosphere is so comfortable that after a while you will probably wonder why you brought it! One banya for the ladies I have seen it stated sex some reviews that you must pass through the clothing optional area when leaving your locker room.

I absolutely love Banya for its cleansing experience. The facility is wonderful. There are two Russian-type saunas with semi-dry steam, one Finnish sauna with dry steam and a Turkish steam room. The level of cleanliness is superb. The banya are friendly, and supportive of every need of a customer.

There is a bar where one can get a bite to eat, and quench thirst after spending hours in different saunas. I highly recommend it to all international sauna-lovers and sauna-goers.

I've enjoyed going to Harbin Hot Springs for years. But sometimes I don't have the time or energy to make the two-hour drive and I wished that there was some place banya in San Francisco. This place fits that bill! It not only has an authentic Russian banya, Finnish sauna, Turkish hamman, Japanese onsen and other pools and plunges, but also it sex a clothing-optional rooftop sun deck with incredible views of the bay and the San Francisco skyline.

It is obvious that there was a lot of investment in this place. All the fixtures appear to be state-of-the-art, and the stonework and murals are absolutely gorgeous. The lockers open banya with your wristband, although I found that I had to wave the wristband just right to get the locker to open. One thing hanya from Harbin is that Archimedes Banya features a restaurant serving beer and wine. It was nice banya relax on the sun deck with a glass of draft beer. I didn't try any food, and the menu seems heavy on Russian specialties.

Perhaps a light American addition such as a turkey sandwich or a BLT would be a good idea. Archimedes Banya banha a variety of massages and other treatments. I received a venik platza treatment, which I enjoyed. This treatment, a staple at Russian banyas, involves being gently whacked with birch leaves by the platza master while laying down high up in the banya room. The facility includes clothing-optional and clothing-required areas, and there banya daytime single-sex hours.

I would sex Harbin fans looking for a place closer bamya home to check out Archimedes Banya. San Francisco. Profile JOIN. Log in to get banya updates and message other travelers. Seeing or not is believing - Archimedes Banya.

Archimedes Banya. Review Highlights. Bxnya October 16, Reviewed December 11, Seeing sex not is believing. Review of Archimedes Banya. Date of experience: December See all 31 reviews. Quick View. More Info. Early Access to Alcatraz and Cable Car

Petersburg and Moscow would be "safe" places i. Generally speaking everyone knows everyone well and yes, some people are naked some of the time.

Most of the time we are each wrapped in a white sheet but that gets removed to go swimming in the pool. Certainly there is no sex going on and it is much like in Japan where nudity is more accepted. In public saunas that I know, it is usually unisex except for the women attendants in the men's section.

There is a historic sauna in Moscow mentioned on my website in the central Moscow tour. There is a private sauna that you and friends can rent mentioned on the Petersburg page of my website. I suspect that the Moscow Yellow pages lists some other options. Classical Russian banya another name "parnaya" - steambath - uses "wet steam, sauna - "dry steam". Sauna is not dry. Water is poured on hot stones and steam from that is not dry.

And Finland is the only place where there is one sauna to every 2,5 people. Ruth- Thanks for the answer. Can you provide a link to your website? The link to my website is in my signature line at the bottom of each posting where it says everbrite's travel pages. If you wish, you might always put a swimsuit or trunk when you go out to swim, but when you wash, you are naked.

Hi everybody, here in the Italian Alps bordering Austria it's common in many places to have mixed naked saunas. You have to be naked but you can cover yourself with a towel. You don't need reservation. As you can see men and women bathe together. These are not private saunas, people don't know each other. Of course these are not those "sex-saunas" some one was talking about before, and respect is mandatory!

In these places simply nudity is accepted as normality. So, when last weekend my friend invited me to a group outing at a Moscow banya , I thought, here it comes, the real Russian experience!!! Turns out in a modern Moscow banya you get most of the accoutrements of an old-school country steam house in a much more civilized setting. Traditional bits are: the steam room itself though more like a dry sauna , the birch branches on demand, a special stall with suspended bucket of ice water to dump on yourself after a steam, and the drinks, of course.

And a wall-mounted phone to order the aforementioned drinks, as well as food or anything else for your banya needs from the concierge. January A totally great deal — and a really fantastic experience! This is a non-sponsored post. I just loved this new Russian banya experience. I still maintain that the traditional banya is best! Though now I am quite partial to the unlimited delivery of unfiltered wheat beer….

Come to the oblast. Very old school. Incidentally all the beards you see are sported by Americans! My first banya experience was on Fulton St. Sign me up!!!!! I was quite liking the look of this, with all the beer and the steam room…until I got to the sex room picture! Trust me, I feel you. It felt… not right.

We actually promote clothing-optional services as we believe it enhances health and wellness. In order to maximize the experience for all our guests, regardless of their choice to be clothed or not, we have established the following guidelines:. Visitors must be at least 18 years of age with valid government issued ID to enter.

Banya Pass required for entry. Basic Banya Passes available for purchase at time of visit. All other passes and services require reservations. Archimedes Banya.